Hello loves! Welcome to The True Spoon, a holistic skincare and wellness lifestyle blog chronicling home fermentation, eat to glow recipes, green beauty, and detoxifying fitness. My name is Celeste Wilson and I reside in sunny Los Angeles, California. Living in one of the worlds Meccas of wellness combined with my perspective as both a registered nurse and total health nut gives me a unique opportunity to share trustworthy holistic wellness knowledge with you! This girl wants to make you feel your best and glow like crazy. The skin confidence I know  possesses is the product of a half decade long search for what actually works. I’ve tested almost every fad, product, powder, and treatment on my own skin. My journey has led me from an acne ridden hermit to a confident woman who can walk into any room sans makeup. The tips I share have been researched and tested by yours truly, I guess that evidenced based research requirement in nursing school was actually worthwhile. My only hope is that The True Spoon will be a place where you will be empowered to love your skin through healthy lifestyle swaps. I want to be your trusty source of knowledge, helping you demystify the challenges of eating well, staying active, and taking care of your skin. Keeping your skin healthy can be simple and fun no matter where you are! Subscribe to my site for the latest blog post, workshop, recipe, tutorial, and all the positive vibes.

Be well and be true,

Celeste Wilson, RN, BSN


Celeste wilson is the sole member of The True Spoon LLC