The best exfoliant for acne prone skin

- May 2, 2018 -


Who doesn’t want clear, young looking, vibrant skin? In order to achieve your best skin you need the best exfoliant for acne prone skin.

In this post I’m outlining a holistic blend of two clear and youthful skin hacks to help you achieve your best skin.

My recent trip to the esthetician reminded me of the importance of exfoliating in order to keep skin clear. My esthetician suggested
exfoliating three times a week at home in order to resurface the skin, sloughing off any dead skin cells and allowing the more vibrant layer below to shine.
I did a deep dive into at home exfoliants in search of something that was completely non toxic, but truly active!
I found the perfect intensive spa-grade micro-
dermabrasion exfoliant from one of my most trusted brands, Juice Beauty.

Finding a trustworthy non toxic exfoliant is essential
because poor quality versions can damage your skin with
sharp synthetic particles and irritate your exfoliated skin
with  toxic binding ingredients. The product below is truly a
perfect exfoliant.

It sloughs dead skin cells physically with
grapeseed micro-particles and jojoba beads. It then hydrates your fresh
baby skin with organic vitamin E, chamomile and aloe
The beautiful synergistic ingredient combos in this
product resurfaces to reduce the appearance of fine
lines, evens skin tone, and even helps prevent acne
causing sebum  buildup.
My esthetician suggested exfoliating in the
evening or when you’re hanging out at home to avoid
exposing your skin to sun and environmental pollutants
post treatment. I’ve been incorporating this practice into
my early evening routine with the addition of one other
anti aging hack.
I always try to approach skincare from a holistic
perspective and my new anti aging ritual is no exception.
In addition to exfoliating for its anti aging properties on
the exterior of skin, I love to drink lemon water to
rejuvenate and restore my skin from the inside.
Drinking water alone is so vitally important for youthful
looking skin, proper hydration visibly plumps the skin. For
bonus points I add organic lemon slices to warm water all
throughout the day.

The antioxidants in lemon fight damage caused by free
radicals, protecting your skin from environmental aging
factors. The vitamin C from lemon water keep the body
producing collagen at optimal levels, supporting plump
skin and underlying tissues.
I hope this post inspires you to start incorporating
exfoliation and lemon water into your holistic skincare
routine, check me in 10 years, you’re gonna look


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