French Girl Fitness Plan 2.0

- September 6, 2017 -

Photos by @champagneunicorns wearing VIMMIA LINK

With two full months of French Girl Fitness Planning under my belt I wanted to check in with you and update my tips and tricks for FGFP success!  I’m still loving my results, I feel great and I’m taking all of my pants to the  The fat burning power of the low intensity steady speed cardio in the FGFP did shrink my glutes a touch so my main alteration to the fitness plan is increasing the incline of the treadmill to boost butt muscle production.

Below is the FGFP with updates included!

In order to see maximum fat burning results do a full FGFP session (below) 5 days a week!

1. Start off mildly fasted: if you’re working out in the early AM like I try to do, only have water pre workout. If you work out later in the day try to wait at least 3 hours after a meal and try to reduce sugar pre workout.
2. Stretch: stretch for a least 5 minutes before you walk. You can do any of your favorite stretches but try to get your hamstrings, quads, back, and glutes decently loose. My favorites are down dog, pidgin, runners lunge, and toe touches.
3. Walk: walk continuously for at least one hour! To get into that LISS mode you need to walk without stops. You’re going to want to walk at a fast clip, this will vary depending on stride length and fitness level. You also want some sort of incline to increase calorie burn. I suggest waking on a treadmill because you can control the speed and incline. I walk at a 3.5 per mile speed and a 10.5 to 11.5 incline, this is the updated incline and it’s much more strenuous, start with the original FGFP of you’re doing it for the first time. Always remember to listen to your body and be safe when selecting settings. This should be difficult, if you’re not breaking a sweat, get your booty moving faster.
4. Stretch again: repeat step 2
5. Smile: you just killed a french girl work out! I’m off booze during the week to prep for the wedding so I’m omitting the usual glass of wine unless it’s the weekend.

I hope this update is helpful! I’d love love your feedback and to hear your experience trying the plan.

Yours truly,



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