French girl fitness plan

- July 7, 2017 -

Photos by @champagneunicorns wearing Varley L I N K

I was shocked by the overwhelming number of lean silhouettes that filled the streets of Paris on my recent trip to France. Do the French spend all day doing ballet and Pilates? No. Through a little investigation and observation I realized that all the French babes are walking! I decided to go full guinea pig detective to test this fitness regimen for you. This is simply a walking plan that mimics the “walking commute” lifestyle that most french ladies live. I stopped all of my other fitness faves (weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, spinning, and BBG) to test this plan for two weeks . So far, the French girl fitness plan has me feeling like a million bucks, I’m also down a few pounds, less important but pretty nice! This fitness plan assists in achieving a long lean body, if your looking for more muscle tone you can add a weight lifting regimen to this plan. I know this fitness regime sounds too easy to be effective but sometimes it’s the simple things that actually work! The physiological reasoning behind this fitness plan is all about LISS aka low intensity steady speed cardio. I learned about LISS from the fitness phenom behind the bikini body guide,Kayla Itsnes. Kayla taught me that LISS is great for fat and weight loss because walking burns the most fat per calorie compared to jogging and sprinting. This form of slower cardio also increases blood oxygenation, increasing metabolic rate. Beyond fat reduction walking can also improve digestion, sleep, and mood! I encourage you to try this plan for at least two weeks and see how it positively changes your life! I’d love to hear your feedback via comments on this post and on IG (@thetruespoon) This is just a fitness plan, the french girl diet plan (baguettes, wine for lunch, and cheese) doesn’t work for me so I’m not advocating that but I’ll post my personal nutrition plan soon!
How to get fit like a french girl

1. Start off mildly fasted: if you’re working out in the early AM like I try to do, only have water pre workout. If you work out later in the day try to wait at least 3 hours after a meal and try to reduce sugar pre workout.
2. Stretch: stretch for a least 5 minutes before you walk. You can do any of your favorite stretches but try to get your hamstrings, quads, back, and glutes decently loose. My favorites are down dog, pidgin, runners lunge, and toe touches
3. Walk: walk continuously for at least one hour! To get into that LISS mode you need to walk without stops. You’re going to want to walk at a fast clip, this will vary depending on stride length and fitness level. You also want some sort of incline to increase calorie burn. I suggest waking on a treadmill because you can control the speed and incline. I walk at a 3.5 per mile speed and a 6.5-7.5 incline but listen to your body and be safe when selecting settings. This should be mildly difficult especially at first, if you’re not breaking a sweat I’d get your booty moving faster.
4. Stretch again: repeat step 2
5. Smile: you just killed a french girl work out now go celebrate with a glass of wine

Yours truly,


  1. Deborah, after 2 weeks

    great, thanks for sharing. I shall try it.

  2. The True Spoon, after 2 weeks

    Great Deborah! I’d love your feedback

  3. Tanya Carrillo, after 1 month

    Finally came and found this post after seeing you on IG. Not that I did your plan specifically but I got a dog about a year and a half ago and walking her helped me lose about 40lbs! After daily yoga, personal trainers, weight lifting plans. It wasn’t until I stopped obsessing over workouts and the pounds finally dropped. I’ve plateaued for sure so maybe getting this together will help me get back on track!

  4. The True Spoon, after 2 months

    Hi Tanya! Isn’t it amazing that just walking can make such a difference? I love that you brought up obsessing…..its so true that if we just move our bodies and enjoy life things change for the better! I hope you try the plan and love it! I’d love your feedback.

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