30 calorie pizza bites

- April 4, 2017 -

Happy April friends. Now that spring has sprung you might be feeling the need to reevaluate your diet and enter this new season with healthier habits. In the winter months we can get a little lazy (myself included)and overly rely on takeout, frozen foods, and packaged snacks to get us through the week. The longer daylight hours have inspired me to buy more fresh ingredients and do a solid meal prep each week. The main thing that prevents most of us from cooking our meals is time. In this era of 12 hour work days, non existent mealtimes, and convenience food marketing it can be difficult to commit time to cooking. I find that if I block out half of a day once a week for shopping and meal prep I can lay down some fundamental building blocks to make cooking/eating easy for myself. If you really think about the time it takes to pick up food for lunch on your minuscule break or after work, “convenience food” is truly not that convenient. One of the other amazing benefits of cooking is the astronomical amount of money you can save. Realistically eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will cost you about $45-$60 bucks a day, that’s even being mildly conservative for Los Angeles. That’s at least $1,200 per month, per person! Even if you’re buying the highest quality organic ingredients cooking at home will cost you a fraction of what you would pay eating out. My wellness lifestyle heavily relies on the healthy recipes I cook at home. There are countless benefits to shopping, meal prepping, and eating what you cook. Knowing exactly what ingredients are in your food is essential to having a healthy diet and feeling amazing. The amount of hidden refined sugars in most quick foods is horrifying and will maintain a mood smashing cycle of sugar highs and epic blood sugar lows. Maintaining sugar balance with whole fruits and veggies has been one of the most gratifying lessons I’ve learned in the wellness space. Making substitutions to your favorite foods can be easier than you might think, a few creative ideas and a little Prep goes a long way. I am so lucky to work with the foodie Mecca PopSugar, as a recipe developer I create crave worthy recipes for their website and social media and I wanted to share it with you! Recently I created this yummy 30 calorie pizza bite recipe for their Facebook audience that fulfills pizzas craving with a healthy True Spoon twist. This cauliflower crust is a great alternative to its sad carby brother packed with fiber and micronutrients. I’m still utilizing some packaged foods in this recipe but they are thoughtful ones free from unnecessary sugars so please check your labels before buying ingredients. I also love this recipe when made with a vegan cheese, you can alter this recipe to adhere to any dietary restriction. This recipe is also super portable and will hold up in a Tupperware container until lunch time. You can even make a double batch of these and freeze half so you have healthy snacks for weeks to come. I hope you enjoy this recipe tutorial video courtesy of my friends at PopSugar.


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