That New Niçoise

- May 9, 2017 -

Here’s a simple recipe for a new version of a classic french Niçoise salad featuring two of my favorite brands to dress up a salad, Harvest Snaps and Brianna’s dressing. Im also overvieing my entire food My diet has been evolving my entire life. When I first dreamed up The True Spoon over five years ago I was eating an almost exclusively plant based diet and feeling amazing. One of the reasons why I felt so good eating plant based is because I was previously eating poor quality animal products like low fat yoplait….yuck! These poor quality, low fat, high sugar, gmo fed, antibiotic laden, processed foods were making up a lot of my diet in nursing school and I was constantly chasing the sugar crash. Post nursing school I lived with two friends in a beautiful old house in NE Portland, we signed up for a CSA basket and my world was forever changed. One of my roomies was a vegetarian and we all loved to cook. We utilized all of our CSA organic produce to make local seasonal vegetarian dishes. Cooking locally sourced organic produce made me feel physically strong and energetic. Despite my super clean eating at home I still enjoyed a good burger or late night voodoo doughnut on occasion. I’m a huge advocate of moderation while still enjoying craveworthy cheats. In the words of the great Joe Rogan “all things in moderation, including moderation”. Ive never labeled myself with any stringent dietary moniker, I just check in with myself and listen to my body. One thing I have become much more stringent about is where my meat and eggs come from, especially because I’m eating a lot more of them these days. I ‘ve learned more about how the quality of animal products greatly affects their nutritious value. A good standard rule is you only want to eat animals that ate healthy diets and led a life that is natural for their species. I only buy grass fed beef because if the label doesn’t specify grass fed the farmer is saving thousands of dollars feeding the cow gmo corn slop instead of letting them graze on costly acreage.This common corn diet prevents the cows from building up essential micro and macro nutrient that are essential for the breeds health and subsequently your health as you eat it. Another problem with corn fed or biproduct fed livestock is that it reduces their immune and the animals often get sick. Farmers combat their sick animal issue with antibiotics and steroid injections, causing a growing concern for human ingestion. In 2013 the CDC implored farmers to phase out antibiotic use in livestock after they released a report titled “Antibiotic Resistance” which highlighted the correlation between antibiotic resistance in our population and eating antibiotic treated livestock. Not surprisingly most mass market meat producers in the United States are still using antibiotics to treat their animals. I know there’s a lot of propaganda out there but in nursing school I learned about evidence based research and how to find trusted sources for information. Let me tell you, if the centers for disease control have highlighted the issue, the problem is serious. All scary stuff aside, there are great farmers out there creating high quality food for you to enjoy. You have to be your own quality control detective at the store, let me share some fool proof tips to help you navigate the often confusing labels

1. Look for organic, it is illegal to use pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, or steroids on any organic food product sold in the United States
2. Look for grass fed in beef, you’ll be taking in all of those healthy amino acids from the cows digestion of the grass
3. Look for nitrate free in bacon and sausage, those preservatives have been listed as carcinogenic by the FDA
4. Look for pasture raised in eggs, this means that the chickens get to roam around a pasture like breed should, pecking up little bugs, plants, and other natural feed that will provide high levels of protein and a golden yellow yolk.
5. Look for wild caught when looking for fish, the FDA has zero regulations for fish production so if you’re buying cheap Farmed fish out of Thailand who knows what those fish face been exposed to. You might as well fish out of the Echo Park lake.

Ok guys I’m off my soap box. I just hope that I shed a little light on the system to give you the opportunity to make your own decisions. I’m never going to judge anyone else’s lifestyle choices, I support you being you! You might be surprised to find out how good you feel when you transition to eating the good stuff outlined above. Now I’m off to enjoy my homemade grass fed beef burger, topped with an organic avocado, and a piece of nitrate free bacon.
Yours truly,
That new Niçoise salad

1 filet of wild caught yellowtail
5 mini fingerling potatoes
1 egg
2 cups of baby mixed greens
2 tablespoons Brianna’s lively lemon tarragon dressing
2 winter radishes, sliced
1/4 cup baby heirloom tomatoes, cut in half
1/4 of Harvest Snaps lightly salted snap pea crisps
10 kalamata olives
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat a pan to medium, coat with coconut oil spray
Place fish skin side down in the pan, cook for 5 minutes, flip, cook for an additional 5 minutes, set aside to cool
while fish is cooking heat a pot with 6 cups of water to a rolling boil
Add potatoes and egg to boiling water, cook for 7 minutes, check potatoes with a knife, they should be tender.
Remove egg and tender potato from boiling water and place in an ice bath for five minutes
Toss greens with Brianna’s dressing in a medium bowl,
Peel egg, cut it in half, and set aside
Slice potatoes into 1″ rounds, set aside
Top dressed salad with fish, potatoes, tomatoes, radish, egg, olives, Harvest Snaps, and salt and pepper to taste


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