- May 2, 2018 -


Who doesn’t want young looking, vibrant skin? I
know I do!! There are two simple at home practices that
can help you loves achieve a lifetime of healthy glowing
skin. In this post I’m outlining a holistic blend of two
youthful skin hacks perfect for the end of the day, think of
this practice as a new kind of happy hour, An anti aging
happy hour!

My recent trip to the esthetician reminded me of
the importance of exfoliating in order to keep skin looking
young and vibrant. My esthetician suggested
exfoliating three times a week at home in order to
resurface the skin, sloughing off any dead skin cells and
allowing the more vibrant layer below to shine.
I did a deep dive into at home exfoliants in search of
something that was completely non toxic, but truly active!
I found the perfect intensive spa-grade micro-
dermabrasion exfoliant from one of my most trusted
brands, Juice Beauty.

Finding a trustworthy non toxic exfoliant is essential
because poor quality versions can damage your skin with
sharp synthetic particles and irritate your exfoliated skin
with  toxic binding ingredients.
The Stem Cellular Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant is truly a
perfect exfoliant. It sloughs dead skin cells physically with
grapeseed micro-particles and jojoba beads. It then hydrates your fresh
baby skin with organic vitamin E, chamomile and aloe
The beautiful synergistic ingredient combos in this
product resurfaces to reduce the appearance of fine
lines, evens skin tone, and even helps prevent acne
causing sebum  buildup.
My esthetician suggested exfoliating in the
evening or when you’re hanging out at home to avoid
exposing your skin to sun and environmental pollutants
post treatment. I’ve been incorporating this practice into
my early evening routine with the addition of one other
anti aging hack.
I always try to approach skincare from a holistic
perspective and my new anti aging ritual is no exception.
In addition to exfoliating for its anti aging properties on
the exterior of skin, I love to drink lemon water to
rejuvenate and restore my skin from the inside.
Drinking water alone is so vitally important for youthful
looking skin, proper hydration visibly plumps the skin. For
bonus points I add organic lemon slices to warm water all
throughout the day.

The antioxidants in lemon fight damage caused by free
radicals, protecting your skin from environmental aging
factors. The vitamin C from lemon water keep the body
producing collagen at optimal levels, supporting plump
skin and underlying tissues.
I hope this post inspires you to start incorporating
exfoliation and lemon water into your holistic skincare
routine, check me in 10 years, you’re gonna look

- May 1, 2018 -

This Organic Spatchcocked Roasted Chicken is one of my #eattoglow staples! If you want a perfect roast chicken with plenty of left overs for meal prep, this is your recipe!

High protein foods like organic chicken help to stabilize blood sugar, balance hormones, and fight breakouts.

Organic Spatchcocked Roasted Chicken


1 organic chicken

2 tablespoons avocado oil

a generous pinch of salt

fresh herbs (optional)



– Preheat the oven to 450

– Cut the backbone out of the chicken using a kitchen shear.

– Place chicken breast side up in a cast iron skillet, press down with both hands to flatten slightly.

– Dry chicken with a paper towel, and coat skin with avocado oil and salt.

– Bake chicken for 40-50 minutes depending on the size of the chicken, test meat by cutting into the breast, making sure the juice runs clear.

– Let chicken set for 5 minutes before slicing.

Truly Enjoy


- April 25, 2018 -

Hi loves!! I’ve been sharing my most recent life changing lightbulb moment all over Instagram but I wanted to take a moment to delve deeper with you. After my teeth whitening experience a few weeks ago, I was forced to take a break from all of my typical dark beverages, including coffee! Cutting coffee out of my life had a drastic impact on my anxiety levels and I’ve never felt better! I did however, long for the ritual of a warm morning beverage. I played around with a few of my favorite superfoods, powders, and other assorted pantry supplies until I concocted the most perfect coffee substitute on earth. My winning concoction is the Mint Cocoa Reishi latte starring in this post! This concoction is delicious and contains a multitude of benefits that far surpass boring ol coffee. Stress relief, skin support, and blood sugar stabilization are all reasons to try out this new kid in wellness town. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of each hero ingredient in this drink.

Reishi Mushroom- Aids in stress relief and anxiety reduction. This mushroom’s anti inflammatory properties help to relieve puffy skin and breakouts.

Cacao- High in antioxidants that block free radicals in the body, fighting signs of aging.

Stevia – 0 glycemic sugar substitute perfect for keeping your blood sugar regulated and preventing that post coffee crash. I’m so obsessed with the peppermint variety in this recipe, I can’t go a day without it. Y’all need this stevia, it’s life!


So pretty much this drink is boss, you’ve gotta sip it. Luckily you can make it hot or cold depending on your preference!

Iced Mint Cocoa Reishi latte 


-1 packet of Four Sigmatic Reishi Elixir 

-1 cup almond milk 

-1/2 a dropper of peppermint stevia 

-1 teaspoon cacao powder 

-1 teaspoon  cacao nibs 

-A pinch of salt 



1) Iced

-Blend all ingredients for a minute 

-Pour over ice

-Top with probiotic coconut yogurt, cocoa powder, and cocoa nibs (optional)


2) Hot  

-Add all ingredients (omitting cacao nibs) into a mug

-Heat almond milk

-Pour warm almond milk over mug ingredients, whisk, blend, or froth until smooth

truly enjoy


- April 17, 2018 -

Is professional Teeth Whitening painful? No it’s amazing!

Hi loves! It’s officially been two weeks since my in office Zoom teeth whitening procedure at my dentist’s office and I’m obsessed! I wanted to write a post to share my experience with you plus a few added tips and tricks.

I’ve tried a multitude of at home whitening solutions that had mild improvements on my normal teeth staining from coffee and red wine. Last time I was at my dentist, LA Dental, I noticed that they offer a peroxide based in office treatment called Zoom bleaching. I’ve heard rumblings about teeth whitening being really painful, thinking it may not be the best choice for my sensitive teeth. I decided to try the zoom bleaching despite my apprehension because I really wanted to whiten my teeth before the wedding.  I whole heartily trust my dentist and she said it wouldn’t be painful so I made an appointment and prepared myself.

I drank my favorite very green smoothie pre whitening because I was instructed not eat any colored or staing foods post appointment. The procedure performed by my hygienist consisted of covering my gums, painting my teeth with the whitening solution, and exposing them to a special light. The whole process took a mere 30 minutes and was painless!! I looked in the mirror right after the treatment and I was shocked! The results were immediate, the photo above depicts my same day results!

Post treatment I was able to drink water and eat light colored food with only a touch of occasional sensitivity. This treatment makes teeth really susceptible to staining for the first 3 days after treatment so it’s very important to avoid staining foods. I’m not gonna lie, it was a touch difficult giving up all of my favorite dark colored morning and evening beverages. I substituted sparking water for all of my normal beverages and it really helped normalize my daily rituals.

I personally avoided eating colored foods or drinking colored beverages for a week just to be certain that my teeth would stay pearly white! I would 100% recommend this treatment to anyone who wants whiter teeth! My dentist charges $150 for the in office Zoom bleaching and I plan on doing it once a year if need be. If you’d like to book with my dentist LA Dental located in Korea town click the link below to make an appointment.


Feel free to comment below if you have any questions!!






- April 12, 2018 -

Before: Pre Acne Skincare Guide              After: Four weeks using the Acne Skincare Guide


Hi loves! You’ve asked for this guide and it’s finally here! I am so excited to provide you with this heavily researched and thoroughly tested list of products that helped me heal my most recent acne spell and prevent new breakouts.  Acne is one of the most complex skin issues, it’s dependent on genetics, environment, hormones, diet, practices, and countless other factors. I’ve struggled with boughts of acne since adolescence and I can truly commiserate with every single person who’s self confidence has suffered due to breakouts.

Acne is individual and I honestly believe that what worked for me may not work for everyone but I have spent countless hours researching ingredients and self testing non toxic products to put together the most effective guide possible for you. I can confidently say that this guide offers phenomenal skin clearing results, it worked for me, my personal before and after photos prove it. If you are suffering from acne or get occasional breakouts I hope you give this guide a try!

Having a consistent anti-acne skincare routine is essential to keeping breakouts at bay and promoting healthy skin. Chemical exfoliation and non-comedogemic AKA non-pore clogging hydration are the two most important components of this acne skincare guide. I tested over 20 products to develop my list of six products that work in conjunction to slough dead skin cells and deeply hydrate the skin. I tested these six anti-acne heroes for over a month to ensure their ability to promote clear acne free skin! Whitout further adue here is the Acne Skincare Guide.


Step 1) AM & PM

Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser:  This foaming gel cleanser is fantastic, it targets blemish-causing impurities with wintergreen and lactic acid. It gave me a deep-clean feel without drying out my skin.



Step 2) PM only

Sonage Glow to Go Glycolic acid peel pads: These Glycolic Acid pads are an essential acne clearing treatment. The chemical exfoliant ingredients in these pads remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture while simultaneously soothing with lavender.



Step 3) AM & PM

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence: This lightweight moisturizing mist smells like floral heaven and weightlessly hydrates with Hyaluronic acid. It gave my skin an all-day hydrated feel and plump appearance.



Step 4) AM & PM

The Lotus Essence with Lotus Leaf: Essence is my new Korean beauty obsession, it’s a light moisturizing layer that you pat into the skin. This product has natural antibiotics and flavinoids from the lotus extract, naturally preventing breakouts. This product helped heal my skin and provided a super glowy skin look.



Step 5) AM & PM

Marie Veronique Intensive Repair Serum: This powerful serum works to balance oil production and clear skin gently. It tingles in the best way, healing breakouts with green tea and salicylic acid.



Step 6 AM & PM

Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer: This is the perfect moisturizer for acne prone skin, it gently hydrates with soothing aloe. It left my skin feeling protected but not clogged.



In addition to this product guide I created an Acne Skincare Guide Ebook full of home practices, tips, and clear skin tricks that will supplement any skincare guide! This resource costs about as much as a latte and will provide you with information to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, I’m here for you loves as always!



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