DIY Nourishing Body Oil for sensitive skin

April 22, 2019

How much body lotion/oil has your body absorbed in your lifetime? The answer is probably hundreds of pounds or more. I’ve developed an easy DIY nourishing body oil that is safe, hydrating, and cost effective. If you’ve ever suffered from skin sensitivity this oil can help! Trust me, you want this oil in your life.

Skin is our largest organ so we’ve got to take good care of it loves! As much as 60% of what we slather on our bodies is directly absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. This means all of our body’s systems are harmfully impacted by the toxic body products we apply! EWWWWWWWWW!

Do not fear, toss your toxics and make this oil filled with nourishing apricot seed oil, lavender oil, and sandalwood oil that will make your skin and senses rejoice.


Apricot seed oil: Full of antioxidants A and E for youthful glowing skin. Ultra light, hydrating, and safe for sensitive skin.

Lavender oil: Shown to produce aroma therapy benefits including anxiety reduction, calming, and improved sleep.

Sandalwood oil: Anti inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti viral properties plus it smells like a woodsy dream.

*Make sure to source all organic ingredients for this recipe to ensure quality and purity. Links provided are exactly what I use to make this recipe.

Nourishing body oil Recipe


8oz Apricot seed oil BUY NOW

10 drops lavender oil BUY NOW

10 drops sandalwood oil BUY NOW

to a Glass bottle BUY NOW

Store your DIY creation in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight! I would love to hear how you like this product and if you have any suggestions for other nourishing ingredients to add. Comment your feedback below loves!

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4 responses to “DIY Nourishing Body Oil for sensitive skin”

  1. Clarita says:

    Hi, the nourishing body oil, can I use it everyday? And if yes, can I use it in replacement of my body lotion? Or you still have to put body lotion after the application of oil? Thank you

  2. Paula says:


    Can you use other essential oils other than the lavender or sandalwood and are there any that should not be applied to the body?

    Thank you!

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