How to detoxify your home for a healthier lifestyle

January 8, 2020

A new year is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your lifestyle, purge all of the things that are no longer serving you, and begin new practices that help you live a healthier life! As my first post of the year I wanted to share how to detoxify your home for a healthier lifestyle by highlighting some surprisingly toxic product categories and some of the nontoxic products I couldn’t live without! 

Here is the list of product categories in your home that I suggest evaluating for toxic ingredients

Evaluating your products for toxicity is easier than you think, you don’t have to memorize a multitude of ingredients, just use a few trusty resources. The only step in this process is to systematically go through each category and one by one and look up each product in the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetics database. Initially search by product and if the product is unavailable look up the first 5 ingredients.
Your product search will result in a stoplight hazard score rating, a low hazard green rating is what I recommend for all products in your home but anything scored 3 and under is fine by me. I don’t want this essential detoxing process to be an overwhelming for you loves, replacing your products with nontoxic alternatives takes time. A great way to gradually convert your home to cleaner products is to replace any completely used item with a nontoxic alternative. When replacing your products always remember to do your research instead of trusting the verbiage on the
labels you see. Greenwashing is a common practice for brands and the labeling laws in
the united states are very lax. I did want to share a few of my all time favorite non toxic products to start you off on your nontoxic journey.

My top nontoxic swaps

type:A deodorant

I’ve tried over 15 natural deodorants, I even did a full review post and this continues to be my absolute favorite! type:A is the only aluminum free deodorant that keeps me dry, stink free and it has the most convenient squeeze applicator! I love the Visionary citron scent which has been my ultimate go to but I’m also digging The Adventurer, a new evergreen scent! If you wanna check out this product in person The Visionary, The Achiever, and The Dreamer are now at Target stores nationwide! 

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Branch Basics

 This eco friendly nontoxic cleaning brand is truly amazing! Their one cleaning concentrate replaces all of your current household cleaners. They send you reusable bottles you can fill with specific amounts of cleaning concentrate and water to clean floors, glass, wood, windows, surfaces, bathrooms, and even wash your hands 

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Molly’s Suds

This nontoxic detergent contains only a few magical ingredients that all score a 1 in the skin deep database! This product is so clean it’s kind of miraculous that it works so well to clean clothes and remove stains. It comes in powder form with a cute little scoop, you only have to use one tiny scoop per wash, a bag lasts me forever! I really love the peppermint scent but they also have unscented if you prefer.

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If you’d like more of my nontoxic product picks plus essential detoxifying practices checkout Skin Confident, the course.


4 responses to “How to detoxify your home for a healthier lifestyle”

  1. Janvi Patel says:

    Love this post! Shows a very simple way to make a huge impact on everyday (nontoxic) life! Thank you!!

  2. Eda says:

    All of the products sound amazing! I’ve been looking for non-toxic deodorant and laundry detergent for a long time and I think that I have found what I need! Thank you Celeste for your amazing resource on the true spoon. I know I can trust the products you recommend

  3. Yay that makes me so so happy love, I love being a resource for you! xoxo

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