Keep Your Skin And Body Healthy While Traveling

July 8, 2019

I love to travel, It’s the thing I save up for and look forward to more than anything on earth. Tonight i’m headed to Seoul South Korea to share the top skincare destination on earth with you loves! The only problem? It can take a serious toll on my body and skin! Over the past two years I’ve traveled more than I have in my entire life and I’ve learned a thing or two about how to keep your skin and body healthy while traveling.

Nate and I returned to our favorite city on earth, Paris, for my birthday and ended up catching nasty colds on the way home. While I was home sick, I decided to ask this amazing TTS community to share their hacks for staying healthy while traveling. Needless to say, the tips you loves gave me were so on point. I even used the most frequently suggested tips on my way home from Austin a few weeks later and didn’t get sick.

These effective wellness travel tips are so good I had to put them in one post, so we, myself included, can refer back to them time and time again. I’m adding my in flight facial skin care routine, because after all, who doesn’t want to arrive to your vacay destination with beautiful, glowing skin!?

Let’s Start With The Facts

Did you know that the chances of catching a contagious virus on a plane can be up to 80 percent? As for the skin, airplane cabin air is extremely dry and sucks the hydrating water content right out of it. Studies show that most cabin air is at about 20% humidity, 10% lower than Las Vegas is the summer.

Onto the good stuff 

Set up a vacay game plan for your body and skin. 

First and foremost, you want to boost your immune system pre-flight. Take supplements like zinc and vitamin C. This will keep your immune system strong and prevent you from getting sick. I also highly suggest boosting your immune system is with chaga mushroom. My favorite to get in my chaga is by drinking Four Sigmatic’s Chaga Elixir in a Chaggicinno.

For the all in one solution I’m packing on my trip to Seoul, try the Organifi immunity blend.

Once you’re on the plane, there are a few ways you can prevent those pesky germs from getting you sick. Killing the bacteria near your seat using antibacterial wipes is ESSENTIAL! Wipe absolutely everything your hands may come into contact with as well as the air vent above. I love a specific organic mandarin scented baby wipes that comes in convenient travel packs Also I suggest using hand sanitizer throughout the flight, especially after you use the restroom. 

You’ll also want to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout your travel day. By staying hydrated, you can eliminate toxins from the body, which in turn helps the immune system ward off infections. You can also boost your immune system again with another round of vitamin C and zinc during the flight. 

Mid-Flight Glow Routine

Not only do you wanna feel amazing when you get off the plane, but you want to keep your skin clear and glowing too! My most important tip is to never travel with makeup on. Having makeup on your face during a long flight with toxins in the air will clog pores and potentially cause breakouts.

Once you’re on the plane, I suggest keeping your skin clean and hydrated with these steps

  1. Cleanse your skin with a wipe Click for what I use
  2. Mist Click for what I use
  3. Use a sheet mask for hydration Click for what I use
  4. Moisturize Click for what I use

Bon voyage, loves! Enjoy your travels looking and feeling your best with these easy tips. If you have any more travel hacks I forgot to mention, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to read my latest travel post Things To Do In Paris

If you’re looking for more skinspiration and  acne skincare tips, check out my Acne Skincare Guide.



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    Thanks for the wonderful article truly appreciate the way you have to maintain your skin and i also want to know what all skin products do we really need for the face to look fresh and active throughout the day

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