How to truly enjoy planning your wedding

February 26, 2018

Hi loves! I know a lot of you are engaged and I’m so excited to share my tips on how to truly enjoy planning your wedding. We recently got back from a lovely wedding moon stay at The Ace Hotel Palm Springs. The Ace holds a very special place in our hearts because we stayed there for our first getaway together back in 2015. On this trip we enjoyed a much needed weekend of R & R and even did a little poolside wedding planning. Over the course of our engagement we’ve figured out how to truly enjoy the wedding planning process and I wanted to share these tips with you!
With wedding season, including MY WEDDING, swiftly approaching, I wanted to share my tips for an enjoyable wedding planning process.
Getting engaged was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Nate really knocked it out of the park with the surprise engagement and engagement moon in San Francisco in August.
As soon as we got back to reality from our dreamy trip, the reality set in, we had to PLAN A WEDDING. Wedding planning is over romanticized in the media, to be honest it can be really stressful. I had a full on meltdown after price checking wedding costs with friends and hearing logistic horror stories from countless people. We initially wanted to do a Hawaiian beach wedding but realized after a string of sleepless nights and stress alopecia that planning a destination wedding was not realistic for our budget and busy schedules. Luckily my genius fiancé found a one stop shopping events company that could host our entire wedding celebration on a beautiful yacht.
Ever since we put down the deposit on our venue an enormous weight was lifted. The company we selected covers every logistic detail down to a wedding coordinator to help us with the entire process. No matter what you decide for your special day I have some solid words of wisdom to help reduce your stress level and make this momentous life occasion truly ENJOYABLE.

1. Put it in perspective: You’re going to be exposed to countess opinions, family dynamics, and other peoples preferences but at the end of the day YOUR wedding is just a day to celebrate your love. Have a conversation with your soon to be spouse and decide what’s important to you on your special day, that’s all that matters.
2. Think about what makes your happy: Focus your energy on what makes you happy: Do you love to party? Are you obsessed with decor? Is a great musical experience paramount to your wedding experience? You can’t obsess over everything so pick a few things that truly make you happy to focus on. For nate it’s a fun party vibe, an open bar, and great music. For me it’s a beautiful setting, tasty food, and feeling amazing in my dress.
3. Ritualize the experience: Create a fun ritual for planning instead of taking a spin on the hamster wheel of stress. Nate and I have a little ritual of making a cocktail (we’re loving sugar free, fresh lime, white tequila margaritas) before we sit down to plan. To make our planning ritual even more memorable I got the most adobe wedding napkins. The happily ever after cocktail napkins from the Papyrus Everyday Entertaining collection make our planning feel so special. It’s the little details like these thoughtfully curated napkins that make our planning ritual a memorable experience that we’ll remember when we’re celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary.
I hope these tips help you truly enjoy your wedding planning and special day! Don’t forget to enjoy these memorable moments, no matter what happens you get the ultimate prize at the end of the big day, spending the rest of your life with your best friend!

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  1. Diana Lopes says:

    My brother is planning his wedding and I’m sure he’ll appreciate the post, will sure share this with him!

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