Meet our rescue puppy, Ponza

January 27, 2019

Introducing our newest addition, Ponza! She is an eight week old sweet baby girl. Her name was inspired by the Italian Island where we spent half of our honeymoon in August of 2018. The island of Ponza stole our hearts and so did this little bundle of joy.

she was born December 6th and we adopted from on January 27th from a wonderful life saving rescue called the Labelle Foundation

Ponza was the only baby girl in a litter of three puppies, her mom was a nine pound schnauzer poodle mix named tootsie. We have absolutely no idea who Ponza’s dad was but the founder of the rescue thought she might be part cocker spaniel due to her silky floppy ears. Her fur is bunny soft and doesn’t shed a bit, yet!lol Only time will tell what she will grow up to look like.

Our first week with baby girl was fantastic! I work from home and have the luxury of spending the entire day with her. I think having ample time to nurture her is one of the main reasons why she is so incredibly good! Puppies require constant attention and redirection, it’s no small

We decided to crate train her from day one. Our first night was a doozie, she banshee screamed for over an hour! Since that horrific night, she is taking to crate training like a champ. She now only whimpers mildly for a few minutes before sleeping soundly for 5-7 hours. She never pees in her crate and we are so proud!

We are potty training her to go potty outside on our tiered grassy patio. We take her our every single waking hour and she has been accident free 90% of the time. We plan on trying to extend her potty breaks to every two hours next week.

She enjoys her baby pink kong bone filled with frozen carrot sticks or a little almond butter. She loves hiding under our couches or bed. She’s the ultimate snuggler and always wants to be held. I just look at her sweet face all and can’t believe she’s real!

Our next training feat will be preventing nipping and chewing our belongings, wish us luck! If you have any puppy training tips, we are all ears:) We can’t wait to share our doghter’s milestones and cute puppy moments with you loves! Follow me on instagram for all the behind the scenes @thetruespoon

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4 responses to “Meet our rescue puppy, Ponza”

  1. Auntie Betsy says:

    I took Lulu and Lilly out every time I went to the bathroom. The schedule works most of the time for puppies. As you know, Lulu now nudges us on the leg when she wants to go out. XOXO

  2. Colleda says:

    What a little sweetie and good job to you two for making it through the first week while hitting some awesome training milestones! Have a sweet weekend. 💛

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