Things to do in Seoul South Korea

July 18, 2019

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Charming, clean, glowy skinned, delicious, and safe are the perfect descriptors for Seoul South Korea. For about two years I’ve wanted to visit the Mecca of all things skincare, thank goodness my husbands work brought him to Seoul, creating the perfect opportunity for me to crash his hotel room and take the city by storm.

Seoul is a conservative city, women cover their shoulders and have more of a plain jane fashion sense, instead leading with their stunning hydrated skin. I was awestruck by the seemly effortless beauty of Korean women, funny enough its the ten step skincare ritual that results in this “effortlessly glowing complexion”. Another component to that Korean glow is the inclusion of fermented #eattoglow foods in every meal. Every single Korean restaurant you visit has a unique assortment of homemade fermented “banchan” AKA side dishes that magically appear at your table two minutes after you order.

In addition to the fantastic people watching and free fermented food, there are a few experiences not to be missed in this fantastic city. My top 5 thing to do in Seoul South Korea include….

  1. Visiting Changdeokgung Palace. Built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty in 1392 Changdeokgung Palace is a beautiful representation of Korean architecture and heritage. It’s centrally located in the east part of the city and cost’s less than the equivalent of $3 US dollars to enter. This is a great spot to take photos and step back in time.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite things to do in Seoul roundup! Where should I travel to next? I’d love to hear your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to! Leave your favorite travel destinations in the comments below! To see a full post of my favorite place on earth CLICK HERE

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