Step by step guide to my daily meditation practice plus my favorite meditation expanders

March 18, 2018

My step by step daily meditation practice plus my favorite meditation expanders

I was once so intimidated by meditation that I wouldn’t even consider sitting down to attempt it. These days I’m fully addicted to my practice and cannot function without at least 15 minutes of meditation first thing in be morning. In this post I’m going to share how easy and rewarding mediation can be, especially with the addition of expanders!

Meditation has changed my life for the better, reducing my anxious tendencies and cortisol levels. Reducing cortisol is essential to clear acne free skin, it’s also primarily mental. Finding enjoyment in meditation can be much easer if you start with some aromatherapy, a beautiful crystal, and some relaxing music. I call my fun meditation add on’s, my expanders.

I want to share how easy and unpretentious starting a meditation practice can be. Follow the steps below to clear your mind and skin with meditation, don’t forget to get creative with expanders!

My Step by step meditation practice

1. Select an essential oil that speaks to you, I’m loving the Twig + Petal line especially the NEROLI. Dab some on your wrists for a subtle scent. LINK
2. Select a crystal, don’t overthink it, follow your intuition. I’ve been into smoky quartz and celestite lately.
3. Go to this PLAYLIST LINK and hit play on the meditation playlist I created for you
4. Set your phone timer to anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on your practice
5. Sit or lay down wherever is comfortable, close your eyes, and allow your thoughts to float away. More thoughts will come to you, just gently release them.
6. That’s all loves!! Enjoy your clear mind and skin!

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