Beauty secrets revealed: Lips

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day loves! I’m so excited to share my beautiful lip secrets with you as a little thank you for all of the love and support you give. Take these tips and practice some beauty self care on this loving holiday.

Today’s the day to give yourself a big hug, give yourself a compliment, and truly appreciate you! Spreading that self love you’ve built with world today is extra credit. On to the lip secrets

1) Hydate: Your perioral “around the lip” skin is the thinnest and most delicate skin on the body and should be moisturized with care. Lip skin and eye skin is almost exactly the same, my secret is to use a plumping eye cream on lips too. This eye cream trick will hydrate the lips and reduce the appearance of fine lines. My lovely friend and esthetician Jamie Anne taught me this one! Follow her on social to get all of her tips @jamie_anne_aesthetics

The ADVANCED EYE TECHNOLOGY January Labs cream is my new favorite, it’s active ingredients like Hyaluronic acid (plumping) and Beta Glucan (fine line reduction) make a visible difference on lips and eyes! It’s kinda spendy but WORTH EVERY PENNY.


2) Over line: Yes I said it, make like Kylie and use a liner to overline your lips. Every single human has lip asymmetries and making minor shape corrections with a lip pencil will make your lips look flawless. Please please use organic lip liners, I love you and I don’t want you eating the carcinogenic toxins lurking in your Sephora products. My favorite organic liner on earth is from Kjaer Weis, I love the classic red liner for a bold lip pop!


3) Avoid teeth lipstick: It’s a total nightmare when you spend all this time crafting the perfect red lip then walk around with it on your teeth! Eeeekkkkkkk. I have solutions loves! First off get yourself a great long lasting non toxic lipstick, Kjaer Weis makes my favorite long lasting red. Once you finish applying put your finger into your mouth and squeeze your lips around your finger and drag your finger out of your mouth. This little finger secret looks silly but works great!


I hope you enjoy all of these tips loves!! If you want to go sample all of these products you can get all of them at one of my favorite non toxic beauty stores Credo beauty! I prefer shopping online so here’s the link

Xoxo Celeste

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