Perfect skin secrets from Jamie, top Los Angeles estitician with glowing skin

April 1, 2018

Who better to stalk for skincare secrets than Jamie, a gorgeous estitician who cares for the skin of top LA models, influencers, and yours truly! In this post I’m highlighting how to find a trustworthy estitician and sharing skincare secrets from Jamie herself.

Holistic home care is the only way to achieve balanced, hydrated, and clear skin but finding a trusted skin professional is also essential. Having a true skin expert to assess your skin on a frequent basis, educate you, and be on speed dial to handle your skincentric freakouts makes this life exponentially better.

When looking for an estitician I suggest getting a referral from a friend with bomb skin, it’s a pretty good indication that their estitician is experienced. Find yourself a skin professional who uses a non toxic product line, to truly nourish your skin. Lastly, It’s very important to feel comfortable with your estitician, it should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Lucky for me, my glowiest skin friend happens to be a top estitician. I go see my babe Jamie at her tranquil facial studio Jamie Anne Aesthetics every month for her purifying and hydrating healthy skin facial. I suggest getting a facial every 4-6 weeks to get your skin on a healthy path to glow city.

Jamie is a wealth of knowledge when comes to skin, her passion for skincare is strikingly apparent when you glance at her flawless face! I asked Jamie to share her skin secrets and she thoughtfully shared four priceless tips!

1. Gently exfoliate, (no scrubs) – use a treatment that safely sweeps away dead skin build up – try exfoliants with active enzymes that will keep your skin from flaking and in bring out that healthy glow with no irritation.

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2. Eye serums/creams/balms, use it all
especially in cold weather. the more you hydrate the delicate area around the eyes and lips the less wrinkles you will see.

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3. Don’t dry your skin out! Counterintuitively oily skin needs extra hydration. The more you strip your skin of the natural oils the more oil your skin will produce to make up for what you are incessantly removing or drying out. Add more moisture and keep away from oil based products. Also try not using powder foundations these also tend to dry up the skin too much.

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4. Get rid of blackheads: Notice how the nose and cheek area always have a few blackheads? In order to start clearing those unwanted blackheads and minimize pores, you have to get in there. Once a week after a bath or shower, utilize a magnifying mirror and just start gently squeezing them out, one at a time. Post home extraction put a calming serum or blemish cream on top and leave alone for another week.

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“Permanent change is possible, your skin just needs to be inspired” -Jamie Anne



If you live in Los Angeles or you plan on visiting soon book with Jamie online

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