Summer Skincare Guide

July 18, 2018

It’s officially hot as hell and it’s time to change up the skincare routine to support your summer skin! In preparation for this guide post I polled The True Spoon Instagram community to learn your most common summer skincare concerns. Oily, acne prone, sensitive skin is plaguing the majority of you loves this summer, same goes for me!  I created a simple AM and PM routine to easily address these common summer skincare concerns. In this post I will highlight some hero products to perfect your summer skin. I also get specific about why the ingredients will benefit your specific concerns!

Summer Skincare Guide


AM: I suggest a one minute wash with cold water only! Massage your face and rinse off any sebum from the night before.

PM: In the summer I up my cleanser strength to something that can gently combat my excess oil production. I use the cleanser below that contains Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Rosemary to cool summer skin and prevent breakouts. CLICK TO BUY


AM & PM: Post cleanse its essential to hydrate and rebalance your skin’s pH level especially in the summer heat. I use this spray toner with this Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera essence to reduce excess oil production and calm irritation. CLICK TO BUY


AM & PM: After balancing skin’s PH with toner it is essential to hydrate summer skin with a non greasy water based moisturizer. I love this Hyaluronic Sea Serum because it hydrates my skin without causing breakouts. CLICK TO BUY


AM: After hydrating your skin, protecting with an SPF is the best thing you can do, especially during the summer months. Using SPF prevents against signs of aging and harmful sun rays. The SPF below is the only one i’ve found that does not cause breakouts on my oily skin. CLICK TO BUY


PM: After hydrating skin at night I love to use a natural chemical exfoliant treatment to slough off dead skin cells and deep clean summer skin. This alpha hydroxy and glycolic rich treatment lotion washes away dull epidermal cells, revealing glowy healthy skin. This product is not overly drying and I personally use it every night. If you have extra sensitive skin, start with using this product three times a week and increase if your skin responds well. CLICK TO BUY

I cannot wait for you loves to try this amazing guide and relish in your calm, clean, clear summer skin.



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