Top masking tips for youthful clear skin

October 20, 2017

I get asked about my skin secrets all day everyday and I love sharing my tips with you! My first skincare tip is to get your basic daily routine down, I share my entire AM and PM Skincare routine in the

Acne Skincare Guide  

Once your daily routine is locked in its time to start a treatment mask regimine! I personally do treatment masks about 3 times a week to prevent breakouts, to soothe redness, and to keep my skin looking youthful. Read my top tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the most out of your masks!

Tips and Tricks

1) Only apply masks to extremely clean skin. I wash my skin and use a makeup wipe before I apply any mask. Having perfectly clean skin ensures that all the ingredients of the mask can penetrate into the skin.

2) Keep your masks in a dark place. Keeping all natural masks out of bright light is essential to prevent them from oxidizing and improving the shelf life. I keep my masks in my medicine cabinet to avoid them from getting light exposed.

3) Put masks on before you shower. I apply my masks 10-15 minutes before I take a shower so I can easily get all of the mask off my face without dirtying a washcloth or making a mess of my bathroom.

Wondering which masks are right for your specific skincare concerns love? Ask me know in the comments below and I’m happy to help!



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  1. Laura says:

    Self helpful! Thanks love!

  2. Lura says:

    Good tips! Which makeup wipes do you use?

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