Easy sustainable beauty swaps for a greener life

June 16, 2020

Thank you to Spring and Vine for sponsoring this post, I am so thankful for the work that you are doing to make the planet a better place. All opinions in this post are my own.

Waste is a huge problem in our world my loves, let’s be a part of the solution! I have 3 easy, effective, and downright amazing sustainable beauty routine swaps for you in today’s post. Time is money so let’s get into the easy sustainable beauty swaps for a greener life.

Shampoo bars: Ok I’m not saving the best for last here, this is the best. I cannot even tell you how much I love shampoo bars! They utilize so much less plastic than traditional bottled shampoo and they last so much longer for me. I get it, if you haven’t tried one you might be skeptical, but I promise you the one I use works beautifully (see above flowy full hair photos). My shampoo bar pick is the Spring & Vine Grapefruit & Rosemary volumizing bar, iIt seriously gives my thin flat hair so much volume! Did I mention this product is only $9.99 and from Target??? WTF in the best way. I truly love these products and I’m beyond excited for you to try them.

Click to buy a Spring & Vine Shampoo Bar

Reusable cotton rounds: How many cotton products have you purchased in your life? The answer is way too many! Cost, hassle, and most importantly, unnecessary waste are all reasons to get yourself a bag of washable cotton rounds. I love mine so much and I use them for toner, makeup removal, and I even have some dedicated to nail polish removal. These ones come in the perfect little mesh bag so you don’t lose any in the wash.  

Click to buy reusable cotton rounds

DIY body oil in a reusable glass jug: It’s chic, it smells good, it’s good for your skin, it’s cheap, it’s better for the environment, noticing a theme?? Yes you need to try the DIY body oil recipe i’ve been obsessing over for the last 2 years. I honestly get sent $45+ dollar body moisturizers from PR gifting and I love this nourishing body oil recipe so much more plus the glass jug looks beautiful in my bathroom. Give it a try and let me know what you think, I love getting your feedback! 

DIY nourishing body oil link

Are you making changes to be more sustainable??? I’d love to hear, I’m sure so many of you have amazing suggestions! 

Xoxo, celeste

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