#Eattoglow Meal Prep Ebook

February 2, 2021
#Eattoglow Meal Prep Ebook healthy skin boosting recipes

This year has been one wild ride. Between the unending stress, wearing masks 24/7, and overeating our favorite guilty pleasures, it’s safe to say our skin needs a savior!

That’s why I’m beyond excited to announce a new project I’ve been working on for you loves. The brand spanking new #EatToGlow Meal Prep Ebook with seven make-ahead meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (plus snacks!) is exactly the reset our bodies need.

Keep reading for all the juicy details, including some of the delicious recipe names you’re going to crave day in and day out!

Why an #EatToGlow Meal Prep Ebook?

Coming from a skin junkie who stays on top of all the healthy things like clean eating, exercise, skincare routine, etc., I can honestly say this year has been a tough one on my skin. I know I’m not the only one since so many of you have reached out to me asking for advice.

So, what’s our saving grace? 

Aside from investing in a nontoxic skincare regime, one of the biggest ways you can combat breakouts is by eating the right FOOD. However, its inflammatory foods that contain gluten, dairy, and sugar that we tend to gravitate toward when times get tough. 

Sometimes you just need a few tried and true recipes to keep you on the right track, which is why I created a brand new #EatToGlow Meal Prep Ebook so you can keep your fridge stocked all week long!

What’s in this Ebook? 

This ebook is chock full of warm, feel-good foods like soups, Italian bakes, and delicious delicacies like oatmeal and doughnuts. The catch? Every dish is free of ingredients like gluten, dairy, and sugar. Some meals include meat, but can easily be substituted for all my vegans out there. 

Some of the recipes I’m most proud of in this ebook include my noodle less lasagna, orange tomato soup (inspired by my favorite childhood cafe!), berry cacao greens oat bake, and of course, spiced tahini doughnuts! 

I made sure these recipes would not only be good for your skin, but also your wallet and your time. They’re family-friendly and can all be reheated easily! 

The ebook is just $15 and will provide you with seven make-ahead meals

I also provide more details in the ebook on my #eattoglow philosophy for skin, as well as my #ttsapproved food storage solutions that are better for both you and the environment. 

Speaking of eco friendly food storage solutions I wanted to share my favorite that I feature in the ebook. 100% silicone Zip Top containers go hand and hand with this resource. You’re gonna need great food storage solutions to keep all of your left overs fresh and these are the best my loves. They are BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate free unlike conventional plastic food storage! Trust me on this and order yourself a set when you buy the ebook. The clear frost color is my personal fav, your girl is all about that minimal aesthetic.

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or check out my original #Eatooglow Meal Guide for more skin-loving recipes to add to your repertoire.

I can’t thank you loves enough for all of your continued support! I hope these meals give you just what you need to get through each and every day no matter what it may bring. 

Cheers to a new year! 



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