Banana Berry Super Nicecream

February 21, 2015

frozen berriesBanana Berry Super Nicecream

Nicecream in the food processorSunwarrior raw blendBanana Berry Super Nicecream shot

I’m officially on the banana “nicecream” band wagon, I’ll give it to every other healthy food instagrammer, this stuff is gold. I was amazed at the ease in which my nicecream whipped from frozen fruit into a creamy delicacy. My problem with typical fruit nicecream is that it would never fulfill my breakfast or post workout protein needs.  I decided to make my nicecream super by adding plant based protein, making my nicecream a viable breakfast food for my active lifestyle.

Banana Berry Super Nicecream



Truly enjoy

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  1. I love this ice cream! I have to make it.. it’s so super healthy and I love anything with protein powder so I can imagine it tastes delicious.

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