Holiday Babes Brunch! Reflecting on The Importance of Female Friendships

December 20, 2017

Happy Holidays loves. Tis’ the season to laugh, eat, relax, and spend quality time with the ones you hold dear. As I get older and have less free time, I value those special moments with loved ones even more. Spending time with my friends is an essential part of my holiday traditions. I’ll always thank my mother for instilling in me the importance of fostering female friendships. She always told me that your significant other alone will never be able to fulfill your communication or support needs. Now that I’m engaged I am so thankful that my mother gave me so many pearls of wisdom about allowing space for female connection and not expecting my parter to be my everything. Nothing beats communicating to someone who understands you, only another women can truly empathize with the nuances of feminine emotions. Having strong supportive members of my lady tribe has helped me through so many 20 something trials and tribulations. These close friendships are an essential and cherished part of my life and require intentional time and attention. Some of my tips for fostering these essential female relationships are:
1. Be a planner: Plan fun gatherings to continue to deepen your friendships and appreciate one another. As we get older and busier it’s essential to intentionally plan time with your babes. Put something on the calendar, it’s the only way to ensure that you’ll be able to link up despite crazy schedules. Start a tradition, the holidays are a perfect time to plan a festive lady date tradition.

I recently planned a holiday babes brunch with some of my favorite women in LA. I brought together an amazing group of golden hearted females from different parts of my LA life. To make this event extra festive I set the table with one of the adorable new designs for the Papyrus Holiday Entertaining Collection. This line of entertaining products has everything from high quality paper plates to the bedazzled name cards I used for our white elephant gift exchange. I love all three of the new designs featured in the Papyrus Entertaining Collection becasuse they help you elevate your holiday moments, making them joyful events.
Click the link below to shop the collection to add a special touch to your holiday gathering! Bonus point s add a lovely thank you card post event:)



Keep in touch: This may seem obvious but take the time out of your day to send a text, make a call to a friend or even send a Papyrus greetings card to check in. You never know how your besties day might be going, sometimes a simple text with an inside joke or a loving greeting can totally change her day for the better.
3) Listen: Give your friends the opportunity to communicate the issues in their lives without judgment. Be the person who allows them to be open and expressive no matter what they’re dealing with, opening that honest line of communication with bond you for life. Ive had multiple friends tell me that they feel safe telling me things about their life that they can’t talk to other friends about because of my lack of criticism. Having friends tell me I’m a non critical listener makes my heart so full.

I hope these tips help you build your tribe even stronger!!


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