Skin Confident Course

January 1, 2020

Be Honest loves, Have you ever?

Changed plans because of the appearance of your skin?

Felt self conscious about leaving the house makeup free?

Dealt with debilitating breakouts?

Suffered from painful, irritated, red skin?

Wanted to detoxify your lifestyle?

Been confused about what products to use?

Wanted to change your diet to improve your skin?

Felt like your skin is aging faster than you’d like?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above Skin Confident the Course can help!

Skin Confident is the answer to all of these questions! No matter what skin type you have (acne prone, lackluster, scarred, dry, irritated, aging, red) this course provides you with actionable steps to help you achieve your dream complexion.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up loving your skin everyday?

If this sounds like a long shot to you, I promise it’s possible and this is coming from someone who was once plagued by constant breakouts and visible acne scarring for over a decade.

I suffered with constant breakouts ever since middle school and my skin confidence was nearly non existent. At my lowest point I made it my mission to heal my skin and I can honestly say I have. My skin is now healthy, glowy, and yours can be too! After an over 15 year deep dive into both western and holistic skincare modalities I have developed this skin perfecting method utilizing everything I’ve learned about detoxification, hormones, diet, home practices, skincare products and more.

Left: Acne scarring and active breakouts in August of 2017 after my wedding Right: Glowy healthy skin in March of 2018 after implementing the lifestyle practices in Skin Confident.

More Skin Confident results below!

Know exactly what to do, eat, and apply for glowy healthy skin!

Navigating the world of skincare can be extremely overwhelming, trust me i’ve been there loves! But I did all of the hard work for you and streamlined all of my skin perfecting knowledge into one resource.

In 5 engaging video modules, I walk you though the effective lifestyle swaps that will improve your skin and boost your skin confidence.

In addition to the modules, I’ve supplied you with printable resources, a written transcript and module checklists to help you implement all of the tips and tricks. Seriously, who doesn’t love checking off a box???

Here’s exactly what you’ll get out of the Skin Confidence Course

Get everything for just 1 payment of $99

a $160 value


Are finances holding you back from your Skin Confident destiny? I created a payment plan option to help you pay less up front and get started today.

I 100% believe this course will help you on your journey to achieving skin confidence that GLOWS. There’s nothing I want more than for each one of you to look in the mirror and feel confident in your own skin. Please don’t hesitate to DM me @CelesteThomas or email me at celeste@thetruespoon.com If you have more questions. I cannot wait to hear your results!


Photos: Kell Riches Graphics: Avery Made Dolce Vita Boots: Dolce vita

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