My total Holistic skincare guide

March 27, 2017

I’ve been that girl, the girl who doesn’t want to leave her bedroom because of debilitating insecurity about her skin. My skin might be seemingly enviable now but it took about thirteen years of skincare trial and error to get this place. The truth is that I don’t have enviable skin, I have human skin, skin that requires holistic attention in order to stay healthy. I am a registered nurse specializing in aesthetics, I’ve worked in skincare for almost 5 years. My skincare knowledge comes from my nursing experience in addition to tips I’ve been lucky enough to pick up from other experts along the way. I can’t pretend like I can solve everyone’s skin blunders but I want to share what I’ve learned. I hope that this post will help some and inspire others to find the key to unveiling their best skin. Since adolescence I thought my skin was oily. Visible oil and hormonal breakouts were blatant clues. I tried countless over the counter solutions, even turning to a prescribed medication with diuretic affects to cure my acne. Cut to twelve years later, two expert Estiticians both told me in one month that my skin was ultra sensitive, not oily. I was informed that I was stripping my skin by over washing and using harsh products like benzoyl peroxide. I was actually stripping my skin to the point that my sebaceous glands were kicked into overdrive, creating “oily skin”. Surprise surprise my skin needed balance! I achieved skin balance by integrating a regimen of products, treatments, and diet. I’ve outlined my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly skincare suggestions below.


1. I wash my face with nothing but cold water
2. I follow with a balancing fruit acid toner called p50 lotion from Biologique Recherche to remove excess skin debris and clean my pores
3. I hydrate my face neck and décolleté with Vintners Daughter and or Osea argan oil Product Link
4. I hydrate my eye area with Osea eye serum Product link
5. I use a mineral SPF 30 from juice beauty on my face, neck, décolleté and the back of my hands Product link
6. I finish with juice beauty primer, foundation Product link , and finishing powderProduct link if I decide to wear face makeup that day
7. I try to incorporate skin superfoods into my daily diet to feed my skin with the nutrients it needs to glow. Cocoa nibs, blueberries, spinach, and chia seeds are great skin superfoods that can easily be added to a daily smoothie.

1. I wash my face with Osea ocean cleanser Product link
2. I use my neutrogena light mask to reduce any inflammation and prevent breakouts Product link
3. I hydrate my face neck and décolleté with vintners daughter and or Osea argan oil Product link

1. I usually use masks one to three times a week depending on my the time of year and what I feel like my skin needs. I love the volcanic crystal ash mask from DMH aesthetics to exfoliate and remove dead skin from my face. I also love the Osea red algae mask to infuse my skin with antioxidants Product link

1. I find monthly facials with extractions to be super beneficial in maintaining healthy skin. I strongly suggest visiting Reini Greene for luxurious French facials Reini Spa Link she’s so knowledgeable and amazing. I also suggest visiting The Spa on Rodeo for their state of the art hydrafacial to gently remove impurities from the skin The Spa on Rodeo link

1. I like to do a yearly series of IPL photo facials and resurfx laser facials to improve sun damage and promote collagen production. I suggest visiting DMH aesthetics on Larchmont Blvd. in Los Angeles DMH Aesthetics Link

I’ve listed most of the products I use including the Neutrogena light mask on my shop page. I hope this review helps you achieve healthy balanced skin. Please feel free to comment, message or email if you have any questions for me.

Yours truly,


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