Preventative Botox and Dysport

May 15, 2018

I’m keeping it real with you loves, I get wrinkle relaxing cosmetic treatments! I’m a huge advocate for the preventative affects of Botox and Dysport and I’ve been getting treatments since I started my aesthetic nursing career at age 23. In this post I’m sharing my personal Botox/Dysport experience, answering your FAQ’s, and sharing some top tips from my injector Sari Hoban PA-C.

I’m very thankful to have worked as an aesthetic nurse for six years, learning the best practices to keep my skin looking youthful. My experience in the field allows me the amazing opportunity to give you the inside scoop on one of the best practices to prevent wrinkles.

The True Spoon Botox/Dysport FAQS

How does Botox prevent wrinkles: Skin is like delicate paper, every time you make an expression, you crease the paper, creating deep folds over time. Using a preventative product like Botox lessens the amount your muscle can crease your skin, preventing deep wrinkles.

Whats the difference between Botox and Dysport: They are different brands of a very similar chemical compound. Dysport has a softer more natural softening spread that I really like, I almost exclusively use dysport now.

How often do you have to get treatments: The product lasts about 3-4 months depending how much you get.

What areas do you treat: I treat my glabella (angry 11 lines), forehead, and around my eyes (crows feet).

How much does it cost/how many units do i need: This is sooooo individual! I usually get anywhere between 20-40 (Botox) units or (60-120) Dysport units depending on how many areas I’m treating. This variance in unit amount can drastically change the price point. My main suggestion is to go for a consultation and get a personalized treatment quote so you can plan financially. I put away at least $100 a month for my treatments, that’s really only 4 LA lunches for a long term investment in your skin.

Does it hurt: Not at all, the needles are teeny tiny and you can always ask your provider for ice.

Top 3 tips for first timer from my injector Sari Hoban PA-C
1. Communicate: It is important to know your goals and to share them with your provider! Are you hoping to just soften your lines or are you trying to erase them completely? Do you want to be completely frozen or do you want to maintain some movement?
2. Prepare: Avoid blood thinning agents prior to treatment to help prevent bruising. These include alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, aleve, motrin and supplements fish oil, vitamin e, tumeric, ginger, gingseng, gingko. Of course any time you have injections there is risk of bruising, but avoiding blood thinning agents a few days before and after your appointment will help reduce bruising risk! Other tips: don’t lie down for four hours after treatment, avoid exercise for 24 hours, and wait to schedule any eyebrow waxing/ microblading/ facials or massage for several days after your treatment.
3. Plan: It it best to have your very first treatment done when you do not have any big social commitment for 1-2 weeks! (ie not a first time treatment right before before your wedding!) I always encourage treatment with a 2 week follow up for first time patients to ensure they are thrilled with their results.
Finally, ENJOY! The most commonly received feedback I get from patients is wondering why they were so worried and why they didn’t start sooner! I look forward to seeing you beauties here!

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I hope this post helped answer all of your wrinkle relaxing questions loves, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any I didn’t answer. I am so happy to share all of my skin secrets with you loves even though this practice is sadly still scrutinized by some. Life shouldn’t be a comparison game but majority of the faces you see on Instagram and TV are utilizing this technologies and I want you loves to have all the facts!




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