How to remove halloween makeup, protect your skin from glitter, glue, and paint

October 22, 2019

One of the most beloved seasons is here – FALL! Not only is fall the best because of pumpkin-flavored everything, but it’s also the only time of year that you can dress up in crazy costumes and attempt to pull off awesome makeup like on HBO’s Euphoria! 

Dressing up, eating sweets, and drinking a skinny margarita is so fun, but coming home and taking off layers of makeup is totally not. So, today I’m going to give you loves some tips on how to take off your Halloween makeup and nourish your skin post-party. 

A better way to remove fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are super cute, but removing them can be a pain! The best way to remove fake eyelashes without damaging your natural lashes is to use organic olive oil. Applying olive oil to a cotton ball and then dabbing your eyelid will loosen the glue so that you can gently remove the fake lashes. Plus, your lashes will thank you for rehydrating them with rich nutrients found in olive oil, like vitamins E and K.

A smarter way to remove glitter

Let’s be honest – removing glitter is a nightmare. 

Cleanse and moisturize 

At this point, it’s time to give your skin a thorough wash. I recommend doing a double cleanse (two one minute washes) to really remove any leftover makeup on the skin. After the first cleanse, you can use a moist cotton pad to determine if a second wash is necessary. If the cotton pad has makeup on it, definitely give it a second wash. Once your face is free from all that Halloween makeup, it’s essential to hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer – especially after exposing your skin to irritating products like toxic paints, sprays, and glue. I love moisturizers that have Squalene Oil, an olive oil derivative that hydrates without clogging pores.

And that’s how you can enjoy Halloween night without waking up with a skin hangover! For more fall-ish blog posts, check out my fall skin savers, or my simple fall nontoxic makeup look




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