Simple Fall Non toxic makeup look

October 4, 2018

Fall glam doesn’t need to be a lengthy pore clogging ordeal, I’m breaking down a simple fall non toxic makeup look anyone can master! Makeup was never my strong suit, I used makeup as a mask to hide skin imperfections from the world. Most of the makeup I was using in my early twenties was harming my skin, continuing my reliance on them! Through trial, error, and research i’ve found trustworthy products that enhance my natural beauty and support my skin. One major lesson I learned was cream makeup is much better for all skin types, powder can be especially drying to the skin.

The two products I’m featuring in this simple fall look are both creamy, providing a stunning dewy effect. Both products are from Kosas a non toxic beauty brand chalk full of skin nourishing ingredients like rosehip seed oil, green tea oil, and grape seed oil. Don’t be afraid of these precious oils, oily complexions do extremely well with the oils in these products, you will not breakout if you cleanse all of the product off of your face in the evening! Now for the Simple Fall Non toxic makeup look you see photographed above.


I used the Color + Light Creme duo in the warm bronzy Tropic Equinox color for cheeks, eyes, and highlight BUY NOW. Use code: credolovestruespoon for 10% off

I used the Kosas lipstick in the deep warm brick like red Fringe color for the perfect fall lip look BUY NOW



Step 1: Start with a clean hydrated face, If your skin is dry the pigments will not flawlessly blend into your skin.

Step 2: Using your finger, dab into the lighter “highlight” color of the Color + Light Creme duo. Pat the highlight color under your brow bone, into the inner corners of your eyes, underneath the outer corner of your lower last line, and top of the cheek bone. Make sure to pat the product into the skin to avoid any lines or streaking.

Step 3: Using your finger, dab into the darker “bronzer” color of the Color + Light Creme duo. Pat the color onto your eyelids, the apples of the cheeks, and continue dabbing under the brow bone in a nike swoosh like shape. Make sure to pat the product into the skin to avoid any lines or streaking.

Step 4: Start with a hydrated smooth lips, If your lips are dry and flakey the lipstick will ball up and look chunky.

Step 5: Line your lips with the lipstick and fill in the remainder of the lip.

Step 6: Stick your finger into your mouth and pull it out quickly, this will remove any lipstick that could end up on your teeth.

Thats it love! you just nailed this Simple Fall Non toxic makeup look in less than 5 minutes!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    What’s a good dark roasted coffee brand that would not affect my skin?I have found that my skin will get very red and the texture changes when I have too much coffee.

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