Social Media Tips October 2018

October 12, 2018

In the, so much social, “tech neck” is a real thing age, having a successful social media presence can effect hire-ability, entrepreneurial success, and overall IRL social status.  Social media’s impact on our modern livelihoods is real, embrace it, and crush the game.  Not only is this social beast of mega importance, it’s evolving faster than a Floridian green lizard (thanks google). I titled this post Social Media Tips, October 2018 to reflect the timeliness of these tips. I’m starting off with a little insight into my experience in the field and following with my tips for success. Follow the bullets below and skip away with a great foundation for a successful social media presence.

Yo girl has been entrenched in the world of social for four years, beginning with the brand you’re currently viewing, The True Spoon. TTS started as a vegan recipe blog, a way to share my healthy cooking obsession with friends and family. It slowly morphed into a holistic skincare blog, by way of strategic social listening, aka picking up on what topics and content brand followers engaged with most. While working as an aesthetic nurse I started to gain monetary traction with TTS,  getting offers to create freelance recipe and photo content for brands. I fell in love with creative freelance and took on more social work, including managing the account for my nursing employer.

I would pitch my skills to patients at work (not employee of the month material), resulting in a job managing the social accounts for a celebrity owned restaurant in West Hollywood. The restaurant position taught me a lot about examining data and proving my value to a business with numbers. The resume I amassed, in addition to my passion for wellness, landed me my current position as social media manager for Four Sigmatic  I found the posting for my current job on, you guessed it, instagram! In six months as full time social media at Four Sigmatic,  I’ve grown our IG account from 98,000 to 151,000 followers and increased engagement by more than 40%. Now that I’ve given you some background into my credentials, here are my tips to help you slay the social media game!





I hope these tips and tricks will help you feel like the social media maven you’ve always aspired to be! Feel free to reach out via email to celeste@thetruespoon.com if you have any specific questions loves, I’m here to help you reach your fullest social media potential!




Photography: @Brennaw

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