Post Workout Nutrition from a Victoria’s Secret Influencer

October 8, 2019

Hi loves, yo girl Celeste here! For this post I’m mixing it up and sharing top tips from Lindsey Harrod, my dear friend, hot body trainer babe, and Victoria’s Secret influencer. Lindsey has the most inspiring toned bod and I asked if she would share some of her top workout nutrition tips with you and she obliged. I’ll let the babe herself take it from here.

Anyone else sick of paying $10 for a smoothie after every workout? I sure am. You could buy enough fresh produce to make you smoothies for an entire week for $10! Your’e already probably paying close to $30 for that workout class, let’s not push it. But here’s the thing its convenient, I get it, I really do. And most of the time we lack creativity in the kitchen when it comes to making a smoothie, right? It never seems to come out quite as good. We end up eyeballing some almond milk, maybe banana and some spinach, and a quick scoop of protein, and down the hatch it goes. Sure, that gets the job done, but Ive got a full proof recipe for you guys that checks off ALL the boxes: Protein, healthy fats, low carb, low sugar, electrolytes and potassium, fruits & veggies, AND, tastes delicious. So jot this down, and then run, don’t walk, to the kitchen, and give this baby a go.
Before I break it down, calling this my boss babe beauty smoothie for 2 reasons. 1. Because that’s what you are, duh. 2. The 3 main ingredients are blueberries, beets, and bananas. See what I did there? Perfect, moving on.

1 cup organic coconut water (not from concentrate) 1 cup frozen beets
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 banana
1 TBS almond butter
1 scoop vanilla plant based protein 1 scoop collagen
1 scoop unflavored glutamine
Blend, & enjoy

Before you rush off to make this, I want to highlight some key ingredients and their benefits, so you know exactly why what your drinking is beneficial post workout.

Coconut Water– Electrolytes baby. Electrolytes are lost during that sweat sesh, coconut water will help to replenish them, as well as fight fatigue post workout.

Bananas– Potassium pretty girl. Sodium and potassium are both lost in sweat as well, and need to be replaced! Potassium helps to prevent muscle cramping an bloating, so 1/2 a banana does the trick.

Beets– Beets are known to boost performance, improve blood circulation and oxygen flow to tired muscles, key for optimal recovery.

Protein & Collagen– Both of these are key players in muscle growth, recovery, and your overall results from a workout. When you workout, you muscles are either worked the point of tearing, or exhausted. Your body needs amino acids to rebuild and increase muscle anabolism.

Glutamine– Probably my favorite ingredient, and yet so undermined! Glutamine is an important amino acid with many benefits to the body. It is a building block of protein and also has a special role in intestinal health. Glutamine aids in the recovery process, decreases muscle soreness, and reduces your recovery time. As someone who is extremely passionate about recovery and optimizing your bone and muscle health, this supplement is a staple to me.

Okay babes, I hope you find this recipe to be not only informative, but delicious! As well as #Eattoglow approved 😉 Right, Celeste? For more tips on nutrition, fitness, and wellness, be sure to follow me on IG @LindseyHarrod XX

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