A spoonful of perfect glowy skincare secrets from my personal Estitician

August 16, 2017

Hey loves I’m excited to share a spoonful of perfect glowy skincare secrets from my personal Estitician this week! I’m continuing my “a spoon full of” series of mini educational blog posts with 3 essential skincare tips from my personal facialist Reini Green. Reini is a true expert with over 22 years of experience in the field of European skin treatment, care, and anti aging techniques. Reini is also flawlessly beautiful, with skin that looks 20 years younger than her actual age! I go to Reini for monthly French facials and my skin has never looked more glowy and radiant. Here are a few essential pearls of wisdom I’ve learned from this ageless skin goddess.

1. Do not over wash: over washing your skin will strip the skin of natural oils, the oils that give you a dewy glow. Over washing or using harsh cleansers can cause an imbalance in the skin. Creating an imbalance in the skin will usually produce one or more of the following; acne, over oil production, skin sensitivity, redness, and or drying depending on your skin type. Reini has instructed me to wash my face once a day in the evening with a milky cleaner. I love the Osea Ocean cleansing Milk and I use it pretty much exclusively

Ocean Cleansing Milk
from: OSEA Malibu

2. Only wash your face with cold water: Washing with cold water is much more gentle on the skin, warm or hot water can actually cause inflammation. Cold water tightens pores and prevents environmental toxins from seeping into the skin.
3. Stay hydrated: From the moment I walk in the door, Reini immediately offers me a glass of water! You must must must stay hydrated in order to have hydrated glowy skin.Just moisturizing the skin from the outside is not enough! No amount of $300 serum will be able to fix a dehydrated body.

I hope those easy skin care tips will help you get one step closer to your glowiest skin! Here is a link to my full skin care routine in case you want to delve a little deeper into my full regime

My Skin Care Guide
Here is a link to Reini’s website, if you live in LA you should probably call her ASAP

Reini Modern Skin Care


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  1. reini says:

    thank you beauty!

  2. baoveda says:

    I agree to drink plenty of water, but you say only wash your face with cold water and do not have a care product, clean it? Are you sure?

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