The True Spoon Eats: Amara Kitchen

November 19, 2016

Highland park is now teeming with amazing places to get a bite. Before you try any of these new gems, get your health concious butts’ to Amara Kitchen. Amara Kitchen is just plain magic. The menu at Amara so similarly matches my food philosophy and flavor preferences, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Amara Kitchen is committed to sourcing the highest quality local and organic ingredients for every single dish on the menu. This magical food fairyland is as adorable as it is delicious. The two owners and staff were so welcoming, I felt like I was eating in a good friends kitchen. The decor of Amara Kitchen is whimsical without being overly fussy. Their floral rope wall paper and large marble surfaces are an instagrammers dream. My first taste of Amara was their inventive crio bru, a roasted cacao bean take on coffee. The crio bru was so delicious, I’ve literally been craving it every single day since my visit earlier this week. After my palate was activated by the crio bru I was served a menagerie of delightful baked goods. Paleo pancakes, avocado toast, a yogurt parfait, the Amara breakfast plate, and a kale salad all made their way to my table. Thankfully I had two hungry friends along to mindfully indulge in all of the delacies with me. Every single item we tried was a standout. The food we enjoyed was thoughtfully made from scratch, down to the bread for the avocado toast. I can’t even pick a favorite dish, I’m tempted to go back right now and order everything we didn’t try. Amara Kitchen is truly wonderful, I will be back, this time I’m taking a crio bru to go.


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  1. Corrina says:

    Come any time! You, your story and photography are beautiful. Thank you again.

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