The True Spoon Eats: Paper or Plastik Cafe

October 7, 2016

When I lived in my native Portland, I took their abundance of cozy coffee shops for granted. Fast forward to four years later, living in Los Angeles, where a utilitarian metal bench is about as cozy as it gets. I recently visited Paper or Plastik cafe on Pico, where I was instantly enchanted by its cozy ambiance. The warm exposed brick, glowing natural light, and friendly staff made me feel like I was right back in the rose city. I ordered an espresso fizz, a lovely zesty blend of espresso, orange, and tonic water. I made my way through the menu, selecting the green goddess salad, roasted cauliflower special, and sunomono avocado toast. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my selections but the standout was the sunomono avocado toast with its briny pickled radishes and salty furikake topping. I ended my veggie forward meal with three pastries, a girl can never have just one pastry. I was compelled to order multiple desserts because there were so many gluten free, organic, and dairy free options.I indulged on a slice of the beautiful chocolate unicorn cake,a huckleberry doughnut and a strawberry tea cake. I left Paper or Plastik with a full belly and a warm heart, I will definitely be back soon.

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