Buckwheat Breakfast Bowls

June 15, 2014

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Those who know me can confirm that I am absolutely addicted to oatmeal for breakfast. I  toy around with using other substances to substitute for my favorite grain but I almost always revert back to oatmeal. My oatmeal addiction can be labor intensive because I’m compelled to add toasted nuts, fresh ground spices, ripe fruit, and dairy alternatives. Today’s daily bowl is an excellent seasonal play on my favorite morning bite. In my search for gluten-free grains, buckwheat always makes it’s way to the top of my list with its low glycemic index and high antioxidant content. It also provides tons of #eattoglow prebiotic fiber. Buckwheat is linked to cancer prevention, low cholesterol, asthma relief, and a bevy of other amazing health benefits. Buckwheat is great for you, it lends itself well to breakfast, and it’s the perfect vehicle to facilitate seasonal stone fruit enjoyment. Make this yummy bowl and your whole body will be happy, taste buds included.

Buckwheat Breakfast Bowls


(Serves 2)


Truly enjoy

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