Tumeric Adaptogen Pudding recipe video and why you should give adaptogens a try

September 26, 2017


I can’t even pretend like I’ve been including adaptogenic superfoods to my diet since before they blew up in 2017 but now that they’re on my radar, I’ve been absolutely loving their benefits! There is a lot of confusion out there about adaptogens, it’s a total buzz word and I want to give you a simple explanation. Adaptogens are powerful super herbs, they possess healing properties that can be “adapted” to the individual needs of your body. Adaptogens help your body maintain a healthy endocrine system. The endocrine system produces hormones that regulate all bodily functions. I like to think about adaptogens like a moldable key, they can bend to unlock any door our system needs to access. Adaptogenic herbs can improve sleep, fatigue symptoms, immunity, hormonal imbalance, and countless other ailments. Not all adaptogens will work for everyone so I suggest starting with a low dose of 1-3 adaptogenic herbs to see what works for you. One of the most important things when incorporating medicinal herbs into your diet is getting them from a good source. Moondeli is one of my favorite sources of adaptogens and superfood powders, it’s an added bonus that they come in the most beautiful jars. This Turmeric Adaptogen Pudding utilizes two of Moondeli’s organic herb blends, the golden tumeric blend and the energy tonic blend. This combo of anti inflammatory tumeric with energy boosting maca, astragalus, and rhodiola is the ultimate breakfast combo. I like to mix my herbal blends with protein and healthy fat for maximum absorption. I added coconut milk, almond milk, plant based protein powder, and marine collagen powder to round out this powerful pudding. I have been eating a superfood pudding like this every morning for the last few months and I feel amazing. Because I want you to feel the body loving benefits of these blends I’m going to be giving away a both Moondeli blends used in this recipe to one lucky reader! Check out my instagram @thetruespoon for full details! I hope you win but even if you’re not selected please give this adaptogenic food trend a try, you will not be disappointed.

Click the link to buy the two blends used in this recipe and to check out all of Moondeli’s amazing offerings



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