Nate and Celeste’s Engagement story

September 11, 2017

Engagement photos were taken by Ashley Streff at Echo Park Lake, our favorite neighborhood spot.

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Nate and Celeste’s engagement story

Hello loves!! For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram I wanted to officially announce that I’m engaged! The love of my life Mr. Nathan Thomas proposed on Saturday August 12th 2017 in Golden Gate park. Nate completely surprised me with the proposal on our impromptu trip to San Francisco. He quickly planned this mini getaway under the guise of a “work trip”. We arrived in SF on Saturday morning and excitedly went off to explore the city by foot. We walked, daunting hills and all, from our hotel in Union Square all the way to Golden Gate park, throughly soaking up everything from Old Saint Mary’s cathedral to Fishermans Warf. The intention of the walk was to make it to The Buena Vista Cafe, a historic Irish Coffee bar with some familial history. As we crossed the lawn of Golden Gate park my love got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. I of course I immediately said YES after asking “is this HAPPENING?”. My future husband proposed with paper Hawaiian leis due to the fact that he knew I wanted to be involved in the creation of a custom ring and because we’ve always dreamed of a wedding in Hawaii. After we collected ourselves, btw I looked like a tornado with mascara all over my face and windswept hair, we enjoyed an Irish coffee, a sweet beginning to the Thomas family initiation. We spent the rest of the week celebrating with oysters, bubbles, and a sailboat ride. I seriously cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with the most loving, kind, and respect worthy man I have ever met. I know marriage isn’t easy but the thing I’ve learned most from this relationship is that the meaning of true deep love is the desire to continuously work on yourself to create the strongest connection possible. We’ve both got the desire to be our best selves in order to be fulfilled personally and in our relationship. We’ve grown so much as a couple in the last almost three years, we get stronger everyday, and that’s how it should be. Everyone deserves this kind of love and I’m confident anyone can find it if they are honest, compassionate, and true to themselves. Check out my instagram @thetruespoon for a ring reveal tomorrow!

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