Tying the Knot, Yacht Wedding of Nate and Celeste Thomas

July 24, 2018

Tying the Knot, the yacht wedding of Nate and Celeste Thomas in Marina Del Ray California on 7.5.2018. Words cannot even express how perfect our intimate nautical wedding was. Surrounded by our 65 nearest and dearest loved ones, we left port two individuals and docked back as husband and wife. We felt the love pouring in from every hear that has watched us evolve as individuals and in our relationship. My ninety eight year old grandmonther aka Tutuma, flew in from Hawaii, making this entire life milestone complete. Marring my now husband is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. As I write this post with tears in my eyes, I know the decision to commit to another human is the most challenging and rewarding choice you can make in this life.  I cannot wait to grow with each other and experience this life as a complex unit of love. Nate and I are so incredibly grateful for all of the kind words and well wishes we have received from all of you loves. Now we’re off to our Italian honeymoon, we can’t wait to share our travels with you!

Wedding Details
Photographer: Ashley Streff
Venue: Fantasea Yachts
Dress: Tara Lauren
Veil: Kelsi Veil
Hair/Makeup:Brittany Anna

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  1. Diego Lopes says:

    Such a gorgeous wedding! The photos are incredible, great job!

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