French Girl Fitness Plan Guide & Calendar

January 10, 2020

Hi Loves! I’m beyond excited to share my French Girl Fitness Plan Guide & Calendar with you. The #fgfp was inspired by a trip to Paris, mimicking the unintentional, yet supremely effective french girl daily workout! This low intensity steady speed treadmill cardio workout is simple, transformative, and allows you to multitask while you walk! This plan aims to

Burn Fat

Detox Skin

Reduce Cortisol

It has helped thousands of community members torch calories, detox their skin, and reduce stress/anxiety. This guide explains the body benefiting aspects of this specific low intensity workout, teaches you exactly how to execute the workout, and includes a calendar to help you easily schedule french girl fitness plan into your busy life. I can’t wait for you to see results, tag me on IG @Celestethomas while you #fgfp for a regam on stories!


Be well and be true,
Xoxo Celeste

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