Does natural deodorant actually work?

June 4, 2018

Most of us have heard about the nasty toxins lurking in generic deodorant but does natural deodorant actually work? Ask my fiancé, your girl has had some issues with all natural deodorants actually preventing BO and sweat! luckily i’ve found the best all natural deodorant in the wellness world and I’m sharing the deets! My year long adventure to find a fully functional non toxic deodorant has lead me to write this post for you loves. I’m rounding up some of the most common brands I’ve tried, weighing benefits vs. blunders, and sharing my five star winner in this post.

Let’s talk about Deo, Conventional deodorant brands contain toxic chemicals linked to a bevy of serious health concerns including breast cancer, Alzheimers, hormonal disorders, and much more! It’s time to switch to an all natural nontoxic alternative ASAP and this post will help you navigate the rocky landscape.

What ingredients should you avoid in deodorant? Here’s my list of NO NO’s!

  1. Aluminum (Aluminum chloralhydrate, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex)
  2. Parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyl and butyl)
  3. Fragrance (a great name for crap chemicals)
  4.  Silica
  5. Triclosan

All Natural non toxic deodorant review

Winner: type:A Deodorant 

Star rating: 5

Pros: Long lasting BO prevention, fresh citrus scent, minimizes sweat (workout tested),  easy to apply (squeeze tube hands free applicator). CLICK TO BUY

Runner up: Routine Cream Deodorant

Star rating: 3.5

Pros: Long lasting BO prevention, minimizes sweat (workout tested), includes detoxifying charcoal.

Cons: Odd soap scent, It’s a pot so you have to use your hands for application. deodorant

Honorable mention: The Takesumi Detox Charcoal Deodorant

Star rating: 3

Pros: Minimizes sweat (workout tested), fresh clean scent, easy to apply (traditional hands free applicator).

Cons: Only prevents BO for a few hours.

Don’t waste your money: Schmidts Deodorant 

Star rating: 2

Pros: Cute packaging, great scents.

Cons:  Only prevents BO for a few hours, only mildly minimizes sweat, leaves streaky white sweat drips all over.

I hope that was helpful loves!! I highly suggest just getting the Type:A deodorant and enjoying your sweet smelling active lifestyle! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section of this post.

I found my top Deo pick from Credo Beauty and they have such trustworthy options for all nontoxic body/face/beauty products check out their site if you’re in need of any new products  CREDO BEAUTY

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