Best Acne Spot Treatment

February 7, 2019

Feel a pimple coming on? You can attempt to hide it, or stop it in it’s tracks with the best acne spot treatment I’ve ever tried!

My expert esthetician Deborah taught me this easy and super cheap acne hack using the Bio-K probiotic supplement! I tested this treatment for over two weeks on pimples ranging from tiny to large and it truly works, here’s how.

The surface of the skin has its own microbiome of native bacteria. Pollution, makeup, less than desirable skincare, and bacteria from our hands compromise this delicate system. When the skin’s microbiome is compromised acne bacteria can flourish causing BREAKOUTS!

Using Bio-K fermented dairy supplement as a topical spot treatment supports the skin’s microbiome and helps stop the replication of acne! This spot treatment is effective and super easy to use, here’s how.

Buy unflavored dairy Bio-K. I buy them by the case and keep them in the fridge, they will last about 4 months longer than the expiration date when used for acne spot treatment

Wash your face, make sure skin is completely clean

Shake Bio-K and dip a clean cotton swab into the jar

Dab Bio-K dipped cotton swab onto your Pimple, repeat process with the other side of the swab or an additional swab so you don’t contaminate the jar of Bio K or other areas of your skin.

Leave spot treatment on for minimum four hours, you can leave it on overnight for a stronger treatment

Repeat process once a day until breakout is resolved

No more tricky camouflage in your next selfie!

Give this one a go and let me know what you think loves! Post your review below or on instagram @thetruespoon

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