Chagaccino, upgraded keto coffee

February 14, 2019

A traditional cup of coffee can be a total skin buster! Opt for a Keto Coffee like my new favorite recipe, the Chagaccino. This super skin beverage is loaded with antioxidants, healthy fats, beta glucans, and sustainable energy sources.

I’m breaking down what makes each Chagaccino ingredient worth adding to your daily cup. This simple recipe will only take two minutes out of your busy morning schedule, setting you up for a glowy skin day, everyday.


Mushroom Coffee

Probiotic Coconut Yogurt


Chagacinno Recipe


1 cup hot water 

1 packet Chaga Elixir BUY NOW

1 Packet Mushroom Coffee BUY NOW

I tablespoon Probiotic Cocoyo (you can substitute coconut cream)  

1 dropper of coconut stevia BUY NOW

Dash of cinnamon 


-Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until frothy.

Have a chagacinno a day to get fight aging, acne, redness. This is the most delicious part of my daily skincare routine, I hope you enjoy it loves!

Let me know how you like it and if you have any suggestions for ingredients to make this recipe even better?

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