Coconut yogurt, DIY probiotic cocoyo recipe with benefits

January 11, 2019
Dairy free yogurt
probiotic coconut yogurt

It might sound embellished, but probiotics transformed my life. I suffered from acne from when I was fourteen until about twenty-four, so a solid ten-years of strife. I was relying on an artist’s toolbox of makeup to hide my struggling skin. A natural, less-is-more beauty look was not in the cards for me — or so I thought. In 2014, I stated a DIY fermentation practice and started incorporating coconut yogurt into my daily diet. As the weeks passed, I started to see gradual improvements in my skin — fewer zits, more glow! Soon thereafter, compliments from friends, coworkers and absolute strangers started pouring in. People, including my favorite grocery checker, were noticing a substantial shift in my appearance. Beyond the visible, I felt more alert, energized and strong, as if I reached a new level of physical vitality.

Beauty Benefit of coconut yogurt

This process of fermentation synthesizes beauty boosting nutrients including vitamin B12, folic acid and biotin for shiny hair and glowy skin.

I’m sharing my most requested and beloved simple coconut yogurt below. Try this cocoyo on smoothie bowls, waffles, fruit, or by the spoonful.

Coconut yogurt, DIY probiotic cocoyo recipe

You’ll need: 

mason jars CLICK TO BUY

1 package of probiotic culture CLICK TO BUY

1 can of organic coconut cream 

1 mason jar 

Food processor 

To make: 

-Active one package of culture by adding it and one tablespoon of room temp water to a small bowl, stir until combined, let the starter sit out to activate for 10 minutes.

-Add the whole can of coconut cream to mason jar, add in 1/4 teaspoon of activated starter, seal mason jar lid on tightly, and gently shake until well combined 

-Store mason jar in a cool dark place (like a cabinet) for 24 hours 

-After 24 hours move the mason jar to the fridge and refrigerate for 48 hours 

-Remove mason jar from the fridge and scoop both the chunky and smooth white parts of the probiotic coconut yogurt into a food processor. ***Omit adding the opaque very runny contents of the jar into the food processor, otherwise your cocoyo will be watery 

-Feel free to add in any flavoring like stevia, cinnamon, ginger powder, or vanilla extract (optional) 

-Pulse on high for about 2-3 minutes or until fluffy and smooth 

-Enjoy cocoyo or store in a sealed container or mason jar in the fridge

-Cocoyo will last up to 8 months in the fridge. 

-Use one tablespoon of completed cocoyo instead of the starter to make your next batch!! 

Tag me on Instagram when you post your cocoyo! I love to share your Fermentation creations on my stories.

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71 responses to “Coconut yogurt, DIY probiotic cocoyo recipe with benefits”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi love! Just one question about the package of culture, does the one packet only make 1/4 tsp once activated? If not, what do you do with the rest? Can it be saved for another batch of cocoyo or will it go bad?


  2. Marcea says:

    Sounds interesting and doable! How much do you eat per day?

  3. Gina says:

    Can’t wait to try this recipe! I’m curious, what do you do with the rest of the starter if you’re only using a quarter teaspoon?

  4. Lauren says:

    Hi!!! Thanks so much for this recipe, it looks amazing. Above, when you said to start with one tablespoon per week, did you mean per day? Is it super potent (as in: does one need to be careful about consumption and it having negative GI effects?)
    Thanks and looking forward to trying it!

  5. Shannon says:

    Hi!! What is your recommended brand for coconut cream? And does it have to be cream instead of milk?

  6. Meghan says:

    Hello! I have read other cocoyo recipes that suggest not using metal spoons or tops because it interferes with the probiotics. Is this true? Do you use a metal top on your Mason jars? Also, when you’re putting the coconut cream in the Mason jar do you use the cream part and the liquid in the can or just the solid cream? Thanks so much!

  7. Libbie says:

    The link to purchase the probiotic culture isn’t working for me. Can I get the direct link?

  8. Becky says:

    I really want to eat more than a tablespoon !!!what will happen if I eat like 1/4 cup ?

  9. Carrie says:

    Hi! Just made the cocoyo. It smells a little sulfuric, is that normal?

  10. Taryn Wolfe says:

    Hi Love! Should the opaque stuff be snot like? The chunky and smooth parts felt very chunky and less smooth…didn’t feel like much. Did I do something wrong?

    • yes thats totally normal! Depending on how thick you want it you might want to pour out some of the “snot” lol. The fermentation process can yield different amounts of cocoyo every time so maybe make another batch if you’d like a lot:)

  11. Amy says:

    Hello lovely! I don’t have a food processor, but do have a blender, would I be able to get the same whipped effect? Or would it be better to just try and whip it by hand? Or with an electric mixer?

  12. Danielle says:

    Hi! I’m looking forward to trying this out. Does it last really last 8 months in the fridge?

  13. Alexis says:


    Could I use a store bought cocoyo (such as the GTS brand) as my starter for my first batch or must I start my first batch with the probiotic culture?


  14. Yes! That one works great

  15. Kayce says:

    Oops! I accidentally left my cocoyo in the cabinet for 36 hours. Is it still okay to continue with?

  16. Deb says:

    Do you know how many strains of bacteria and the CFU count for this yogurt? I’ve been spending close to $80/mo purchasing a similar coconut probiotic already made and want to see how potent this one is in comparison to what I purchase. Would love to be able to make it from scratch, get the same gut healing results and save $$$!! Thanks!

  17. IB says:

    Hi. I just came across your recipe on IG. Sounds amazing! Just a clarification: you’re saying to only have 1 tablespoon per day of the finished cocoyo right? So it’s not like the coconut yogurt you would buy at the store? Just wanting to make sure I don’t over eat and cause any GI distress!

    Thank you!

  18. Mary says:

    What brand of coconut cream do you use and where do you find it (other than Trader Joe’s)? Is is refrigerated? I can’t seem to find coconut cream anywhere!

  19. Melanie says:

    Hey! I was wondering what happens if I don’t put it in a food processor after 48 hours in the fridge?

  20. Laura says:

    How should this be eaten? Can you pair it with other yogurt?

  21. jessica schaeffer says:

    just made my first batch and it’s PERFECT! i had no idea it was so easy to make my own coconut yogurt. i’ve been buying it for YEARS! thanks Celeste

  22. Eunice says:

    Hi! I really want to double the batch and make it all in one large mason jar. In that case, should I also double the amount of culture I add, or keep it the same? Thanks!!

  23. mary kaschak says:

    Hi! I tried this recipe, but nothing happened! After 24hrs in cabinet and then 48 hours in fridge, I don’t think the cream fermented at all! There was no separation and after I put it in the food processor, it was the same consistency and flavor as it was straight from the can. I tried the recipe several times. The first time I actually didn’t realize I was only supposed to use 1/4 teaspoon and used a full teaspoon! That didn’t work, so then I reordered the supplies and tried again with the 1/4 teaspoon. Any idea what could be going wrong??

    • Hey love, sounds like you got a bad batch of starter. Have amazon refund you and send you a new one. Make sure you refrigerate the starter as soon as you receive it and follow the activation instructions to the t

  24. Zoey says:

    Can I use a blender (I have a vitamix) instead of a food processor? Maybe just pulse it? Thanks!

  25. Miranda says:

    When using bought cocoyo as starter do I still need to add warm water to it and let it sit out for 10 min?

  26. Ashton says:

    Hey! I discovered your page through a podcast and I’m obsessed! I was wondering if you had instructions for a yogurt incubator? Thanks!

  27. Samantha says:

    Hi! What size of mason jar do you recommend ? Just curious if the link shows the right size. Thanks!

  28. Sydney says:

    Hi!! Loved listening to you on the What We Said podcast.
    Is it completely necessary to whip the yogurt? I don’t have a food processor or electric mixer. Can I just eat it straight away?

  29. Julia says:

    Mine didn’t harden at all after letting it sit out for 24 hours.. it stayed really liquidy. Do you know why?

  30. Tess says:

    Hi! I tried the cocoyo recipe and had a question about how to know if the fermentation process worked. I used the starter as instructed as soon as I received it, but when I put it in the food processor after 48 hours in the fridge there was no separation in the jar and it was all solid, but once whipped it just became smooth and creamy but not fluffy. I do taste the cultures even though it didn’t turn out texture-wise. Is this a bad batch? Thanks!!

    • Hi love! That can happen. If you can taste the cultures its a good batch! keep it in the fridge for another 24 hours and see if it thickens up, if not add it to smoothies for the probiotics! next time maybe pour out a little more excess liquid from the can of coconut cream!

  31. Tess says:

    Yay I’m so happy to hear! Tried it again this morning and it was soo good! Thanks for all the help 🙂

  32. Traci says:

    Hi, can you use a spoonful of cocoyo live cultured yogurt for the starter instead of ordering live cultured?

  33. Katie says:

    Hi! Is it possible to save the remainder of the activated starter culture in the fridge? Or does it just need to be thrown out if not used immediately? Thank you!

  34. Holly says:

    Hi there!

    I just took mine out of the fridge to put in the food processor and there is no opaque liquid. It’s all kind of the consistency of a Greek yogurt. Does that mean I did something wrong?

  35. no its all good! process it and store it in the fridge for a few hours until it thickens up:)

  36. Adriana Bianco says:

    Hello! When using the homemade coco yo to make a new batch are all the other instructions the same? Leave it out for 24 hours then fridge for 48? Thanks!

  37. Ashlee says:

    Hi there! I just made this and read on the cultures packet to not use water with chlorine and I used tap water. Is that okay or will that affect the growth of bacteria? I hope not. Thanks so much!

  38. Hi love, yea don’t use tap water. I’d use filtered water next time for sure. It might turn out ok, let me know:)

  39. Kylie Whittaker says:

    Hello, I used one can of coconut cream and 2 1/4 teaspoons of starter. I know you said only 1. Since I used 2, will it still be okay?

  40. Elisa says:

    Hi! I am trying this recipe for the first time and after the 24 hours in a cupboard, it looks, smells, tastes, just the same as it did to begin with. Should there be…or is there usually… some sign of fermentation occurring before it is moved to the fridge? Does the final product taste tangy like regular plain yogurt? Thank you for any help you can give me!

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