Bridal Prep Tips & How I got ready for my wedding

February 12, 2020

Alright loves! This post goes out to anyone who want’s to look and feel their best for any occasion under the sun, but if you are engaged or have a loved one who is, this post will be extra helpful. I present to you my bridal prep tips & how I got ready for my wedding.

Prepping for a wedding can be very stressful and there is usually a ton of self inflected pressure to look “the best” you’ve ever looked. My essential tip to combat this pressure is to remember that your engagement is a very special fleeting time in your life and you want to look back at and remember fondly. Starving yourself or entering into a completely alternate lifestyle to “be at your best” is not fun or necessarily fun for your partner to be around. I advocate for a healthy lifestyle at all times and maybe just increasing your wellness quota a few weeks before your wedding.

I personally live a very healthy lifestyle: 80/20 diet, clean skincare, 4-5 workouts a week ect. 4 weeks before my wedding however, I dug into total bridal prep. Nate and I got married july 5th 2018 and honestly think I looked and felt my best on my wedding day. Ok now onto exactly how I prepped.

Clean eating

I followed an anti inflammatory #eattoglow diet via the Clean Program for almost a month before my wedding festivities. I did a full blog post with recipes and my experience READ NOW


4 weeks before my wedding I strictly followed my French Girl Fitness Plan, a low intensity steady speed workout plan. It helped me detox my skin, shed excess lbs, and stay mentally as relaxed as possible.lol I think it’s essential to keep cortisol low during the wedding planning process so I avoided high intensity workouts. DOWNLOAD FGFP NOW


I maintained my normal skincare routine of nontoxic products and anti inflammatory techniques up until the day of my wedding all outlined in the SKIN CONFIDENT COURSE The week of my wedding I added on some glowy extras to up the ante.

5 days before the big day I got a nontoxic facial from Deborah at Green Line Beauty in Hollywood, focusing on hydration. I suggest getting a facial with a trusted esthetician that you’ve visited before a few days before the wedding. Stick to a gentle hydrating facial with no extractions to avoid any unnecessary skin trauma that could leave marks.

3 days before the big day I got an organic spray tan at Sugared & Bronzed (locations in LA, OC, NY, and PA) I wrote a whole blog post with tips and tricks for a perfect spray tan and the shade I got for my wedding VIEW NOW

I hope those tips were helpful for all of you loves! Don’t forget to share this with any bride to be’s. If you try any of my recommendations before your big day I would love to se your wedding pictures, tag me @CelesteThomas on IG for a shout out!

For more details about my wedding and my online wedding check out the full WEDDING POST



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