Bok Choy Nori Bites

June 22, 2014

bok choymung bean sproutsCurry CashewBok Choy Nori Spreadnori bite

I aim to create recipes that have bold flavors, complexity, and a touch of the unexpected. A dish I thoroughly enjoyed at a Portland foodie institution, Pok Pok, inspired this recipe. The original dish is called Miang kham, it is a tradional thai dish who’s name can be loosely translated to eating many things in one bite. I adapted the Miang kham recipe to include my love of Japanese and Indian cuisine. Swapping lettuce leaves for nori and peanut sauce for curry cashew cheese gives the recipe a true spoon twist. This recipe is perfect for entertaining because you can make everything ahead of time and it’s interactive for your quests.

Bok Choy Nori Bites



Curry cashew cheese


Curry cashew cheese

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