Deliciously Healthy Chili and Cornbread

April 1, 2020

We’re all craving comfort food right now, but with no quarantine end in sight, we also don’t want to load up on heavy food we can’t burn off. Luckily you can have it all with this nourishing, healthy, and comforting chili and cornbread recipe combo.

Lets start with my favorite part, the cornbread! This sugar free yet sweet, fluffy yet skin booting, healthy fat containing, protein boosting recipe is exactly what you’ve been craving. It pairs wonderfully with chili but also tastes indulgent enough for dessert! Add a swipe of vegan or regular butter, really whatever tickles your fancy, for the ultimate cornbread experience.

Cornbread (9 pieces)



While your cornbread bakes you can get started on your hearty and healthy chili. Use this recipe as a guideline but feel free to sub any veg or ground meat you have in the fridge! You can also opt for a no meat chili, leave it out, that makes it totally vegan. This chili is the perfect way to avoid food waste and your family members to eat lots of veggies.

Chili (4 servings)



Simple as that! Double the recipe for extra leftovers! If you make it and add in anything to make it even better let me know in the comments below! I hope you loves enjoy this comforting recipe during this difficult time. Love you alwasy!

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