- December 7, 2017 -

Happy Fermentation Friday loves! I’m the kind of girl who gets obsessed about a breakfast and eats the exact same thing for months. This breakfast has benefits that go far beyond heavenly flavor. This smoothie is an amalgamation of just under ten superfoods specifically selected to nourish skin. The combination of fermented foods (to prep your system for breakdown and absorption) and nutrient dense blends, make this smoothie medicinal in efficacy. This antioxidant packed smoothie protects skin from free radicals, keeping it looking youthful and hydrated. I wanted to highlight Goop Glow,  a new antioxidant superpowder by the babes at Goop. This powder has results driven amounts of vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, lutein, zeaxanthin, and grape-seed proanthocyanidins. The active ingredients in Goop Glow help Fight free radicals, Provides photo protection from the sun and build collagen. Skincare is truly 50/50, this smoothie will fill your 50 percent of internal nutrients in just one meal, so drink up loves!

Skin Booting Smoothie Recipe


1 packet Goop glow TRY NOW
1/2 teaspoon Spiral Springs Spirulina Powder TRY NOW
1 teaspoon Your Super Foods Power Matcha Powder TRY NOW

The five ingredients below were delivered to my door by Milk and Eggs and you can get $20 off of your order of $40 or more using my code for you THETRUESPOON

3/4 cup Califia Farms Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1/4 cup Health-Ade ginger kombucha
1 handful of frozen kale

1 tablespoon Spread the Love PB
The juice of half a lemon

1 tablespoon probiotic cocoyo


1. Add all smoothie ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth
2. Top with topping ingredients

Truly enjoy

- December 1, 2017 -

Happy Holidays loves! It’s my favorite season of giving aka the perfect excuse to share some of my favorite products with you for all of the skin lovers on your list, including yourself! Yes this is another gift guide but it’s one that can add true value to your life and the lives of ones you love. Who doesn’t want beautiful healthy skin this holiday season? Healthy skin is a holistic proposition, full of lifestyle do’s and dont’s. In this healthy skin gift guide I’m sharing 4 of my favorite products, surprisingly only one is a “skincare” product, that have helped me achieve my best skin. All of these festive items make truly thoughtful gifts that anyone on your list would love! These glowy skin gifts will not disappoint, weather you’re shopping for loved ones of gifting yourself something special, btw you deserve it! In addition to this guide I will be conducting an Instagram giveaway with each product, one for every week of December! These giveaways are a thank you for all of your amazing support, I want to reciprocate your love by providing you with the opportunity to win these products that are so near and dear to my heart!

(Counterclockwise from bottom right)

1. Hydrating & Age Defying Everyday Essentials Skincare Kit from Osea Malibu: This travel-size skincare set contains all of my favorite organic Patagonian seaweed products that lock in moisture for super hydrated skin. This kind of hydration is essential for all skin types, you’ve gotta hydrate to glow!
Set Contains: Ocean Cleansing Milk , Sea Vitamin Boost, Essential Hydrating Oil, & Advanced Protection Cream.

2. 100-Piece Chocolate Box from Addictive Wellness: This crazy amazing holiday box contains all of my favorite varieties of SUGAR-FREE • GLUTEN-FREE • GMO-FREE SOY-FREE • DAIRY-FREE • NUT-FREE Raw Heirloom Artisinal Chocolate. This wellness chocolate has a two fold benefit, one it contains tons of skin supporting antioxidants and two, it is a great dessert substitute for the usual refined sugar laden holiday treats that leave your skin inflamed!
$159  GIFT NOW

3. Goop Edition 03, Incense Fragrance & Candle: This scent combines active, healing essences, all of which possess homeopathic, Avyurvedic, spiritual, mystical, and emotional benefits. The notes include cedar, frankincense, and a few other woody delights! This soothing natural fragrance will help reduce holiday stress and cortisol. Keeping stress and cortisol low will prevent you from getting unruly breakouts over the holidays.

Fragrance, $165; Candle, $72 GIFT NOW

4. Pro Line® Series Blender from KitchenAid®.: Meet the most powerful blender you’ll ever need and the ultimate tool for making healthy, nutritious eating easy. I use my Kitchenaid blender everyday to make my nutrient dense smoothie! This crazy powerful tool allows me to blend all of my favorite skin boosting superfoods into one easy to drink smoothie. This thing is worth every penny and your skin will love you for it.
$629.99 GIFT NOW

- November 28, 2017 -

Happy post Thanksgiving/pre Christmas loves! By this point you may know that I am a complete Francophile. I love everything French, especially French food. The French have a feverish perfectionism when it come to the quality of food they produce and I applaud it! This holiday crowd pleasing recipe is made with my favorite cheese on earth, FRENCH GOAT CHEESE! The exquisite flavor of this soft variety come from the diverse free range diets of goats residing in the Centre-Val de Loire, Burgundy, Rhone-Alps, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Occitanie, Nouvelle Aquitaine, and Pays de la Loire regions of France. The nutritional value of their plant based diet creates a nutrient dense cheese that’s as healthy as it is delicious! Happy holidays from my french goat cheese filled belly to yours

Fresh French Goat Cheese Log turned holiday work of art dip

1 Fresh French Goat Cheese Log
1/4 cup EVOO
2 small asian pears, cored and sliced
1/4 cup pomegranate seeds
1/4 cup toasted sunflower seeds
6 sprigs of parsley
A sprinkle of all spice

1) Spread Fresh French Goat Cheese Log out onto a cutting or decorative board.
2) Top board with EVOO, pear slices, pomegranate seeds, sunflower seeds, and parsley.
3) Sprinkle on all spice
4) Serve with additional asian pear slices, crackers, or torn baguette

Truly enjoy

For more amazing French cheese click these links Goat cheeses of France website  Goat cheeses of France Instagram Goat cheeses of France facebook

- November 12, 2017 -

Are you going to a Thanksgiving gathering this year? If so I have the perfect unexpected yet delicious side dish sure to wow your thanksgiving host! The best part about this fall recipe is that all of the ingredients can be ordered online from Milk and Eggs, delivered to your door, and prepared in under 20 minutes! One of my main life hacks is to make easy recipes that can bake while you do other things! 13/20 minutes required for this recipe are completely hands off! Feel free to do some self care like a mask or a meditation while your salmon bakes, you’ll glow like the genius foodie goddess you are when you arrive at your holiday destination, magical salmon in hand.

Fall salmon à la parchment
Servers 10 as a side dish
Total cook time: 20 minutes

Parchment salmon
2 1/2 1” slices of red cabbage
10 paper thin slices of delicata squash
5 4 ounce pieces of wild caught salmon
2 Meyer lemons, sliced thin
A jar of ground allspice
Salt to taste

1/4 cup of radish sprouts
1/4 cup of pomegranate seeds

1. Preheat oven to 375
2. Cut 5 pieces of parchment paper the length of the distance from your middle finger to elbow
3. Place 2 cabbage slices down on the parchment, top with two delicata rounds, top with 1 piece of salmon, top with two lemon slices, sprinkle with allspice, and sprinkle with salmon
4. Cover salmon with top portion of parchment paper, and roll in right side of paper, continuing around whole piece of salmon, tucking the tail under the parchment bundle (it’ll look like a calzone)
5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all pieces of salmon are happily inside their parchment pocket
6. Place all parchment bundles onto a baking sheet
7. Bake salmon for 13 minutes
8. Plate salmon, garnish with radish sprouts, and pomegranate seeds
9. Truly enjoy

Heres a link to Milk and Eggs LINK, use my code truespoon for $20 off an order of $40 or more and check out my Instagram LINK to enter to win a $100 gift card to get all of your Fall salmon à la parchment ingredients

- November 10, 2017 -

Happy Fermentation Friday loves! Today’s Friday post has double the juicy deets with the results to my Pinnertest food intolerance test and a eat to glow Beet Babe Smoothie Bowl recipe based on an anti inflammatory diet!

Prior to taking the PinnertestI had some intuitive feelings about foods that I didn’t think agreed with me but never any true evidence of an intolerance. I’ve never really liked eggs, I’ve always known that processed carbs made me feel crappy, and I hated the insulin slump an hour after eating refined sugar but beyond that I was in the dark. I’ve always just kind of eaten what I thought my body needed and dealt with mild bloat when it happened. Fermented foods have regulated my digestion and made me feel like my best self but this food intolerance test is taking things a bit further. One thing to clear up before I tell you about my results, food allergies and intolerances are not the same thing. To put it very simply, food allergies elicit symptoms as soon as you eat them, food intolerances occur slowly over after you eat them. The slower onset of food intolerance makes it very tricky to spot, potentially causing a bevy of unwanted symptoms. Because of the latent onset you could be increasing bloat, skin issues, and GI irregularity with every meal! Blood tests are the best way to establish food intolerance and help you eliminate foods that trigger your intolerance.
I did my easy at home blood test, sent in my sample, and received my results via email in about 4 days. When I opened my results I was flabbergasted By my level three intolerance to cashews!! That level of intolerance is no joke, goodbye homemade cashew cheese and milk. I also had a level one intolerances to soy, sesame, garlic, and egg yolks. I am going to try to completely eliminate all of my trigger foods for a month and report back! If you guys are interested in trying Pinnertest and learning more about how to feel your best I have a discount code for you, use TRUESPOON for $60 off your test and free international shipping Pinnertest Link .
Before I received my test results I had been eating a homemade protein bread with lots and lots of egg yolks, sometimes washing it down with cashew milk! I developed a new craveable breakfast recipe that is tolerance approved! This Beet Babe Smoothie Bowl contains whole ingredients to nourish your body and make you glow from the inside out.

Beet Babe Smoothie Bowl


Smoothie bowl
1 cup roasted then frozen beets
1/2 cup raw then frozen zucchini
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop unsweetened vanilla protein powder
1/4 cup white chia seeds
1 dropper liquid stevia
1/2 a packet of Four Sigmatic Cordyceps Myshroom Elixer (red packet) BUY NOW
A sprinkle of cinnamon
A pinch of sea salt (optional)

A tablespoon of white chia seeds
Two tablespoons probiotic cocoyo, wanna learn how to make it at home? Click the link below to sign up for my upcoming probiotic coconut yogurt workshop WORKSHOP LINK
A small handful of toasted coconut shavings
2 teaspoons of pomegranate seeds

1. Add all smoothie bowl ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth (it will be thick)
2. Top with all of the toppings (go ham)
3. Truly enjoy

Xoxo celeste

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