- July 28, 2017 -

Nate and I have been living in our Echo Park home for over a year and a half now. We love our indoor space and we’ve finally put a little TLC into our cedar deck space just in time for summer. We added market lights, patio chairs, lanterns, and a few other accents to make a space perfect for al fresco dining and summer entertaining. Having a nice outdoor space has allowed us to plan some epic dinner parties with minimal preparation stress. Recyclable party ware has been a truly important factor of stressless outdoor entertaining, no broken dishes! I’ve discovered the beautiful new everyday entertaining line from Papyrus, allowing me to stay true to my feminine and modern aesthetic while being able to conquer post party clean up in minutes! I’m sure most of us, myself included, think of greeting cards when we think of Papyrus but they offer so many on trend paper goods for entertaining! Their paper plates, cups, napkins, and decorative accessories come in 13 collections so you can host a seamlessly styled event. I created a fresh and healthy shrimp salad recipe, paired with rosé for our most recent summer soirée. The Papyrus Pure Gold collection made my dish look next level. All of our new decor has made entertaining on the deck our favorite new activity and we can’t wait to enjoy it all summer long!

Check out all of the products from The Pure Gold collection here LINK

Chilled Shrimp Summer Salad

Cook time: 15 minutes


1 pound of raw shelled, deveined shrimp
A generous pinch of salt
A generous pinch of pepper
A tiny pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)
The juice of half of a lemon
The zest of half of a lemon
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon fresh mint, chopped
4 cups baby mixed salad greens
2 white nectarines, pitted and sliced
1/4 of a red onion, sliced thin
1/4 of a cucumber, halved and sliced thin


1. cook shrimp at medium heat for 5-8 minutes depending on preference, stirring occasionally.
2. Transfer shrimp into a medium bowl, top with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, and mint, combine well, cover and place in the fridge.
3. Add baby greens, nectarines, onion, and cucumber to a large bowl, toss until combined.
4. Add shrimp to salad bowl, toss until combined.
5. Plate on Papyrus Pure Gold Paper Plates.
6. Serve with an ice cold dry rosé in Papyrus Pure Gold Paper Cups.
7. Truly enjoy

- July 19, 2017 -

There’s a method to the madness when it comes to morning tonics. Every wellness blogger and their mom has a magic concoction and for good reason! The medicinal food trend is going to change the world, or at least help those who get on the train feel amazing. I’m going to share my morning tonic obsession with you and explain why I add what I add. I want you to adapt this recipe to your needs, taste buds, and product availablity, there is no wrong answer! In my opinion most morning brew/tonic/liquid breakfast recipes were initially inspired by the bulletproof guys. Years ago when that trend first popped up on my radar, I would’ve rather died than spoon a bunch of butter into my coffee. Funny enough, now I’m happily adding tons of calorie dense coconut creme into my tonic without batting an eyelash. I’ve tried Ghee and butter in hot drinks but I’m very sensitive to those forms of dairy so I stick to coconut fat for my tonics. I’m going to list out the ingredients in my personal kickstarting, nutrient dense, superfood tonic and what their individual benefits are. Remember that I highly encourage getting creative and making this recipe your own! Also be sure to check my instagram to enter my latest giveaway where you have the chance to win a full sized jar of Moon Juice adaptogenic Spirit Dust (contest ends Wednesday July 26th).

Magic Morning tonic


1) 1 bag yogi chai tea: a touch of caffeine because let’s face it I’m still a touch addicted but there are less mg’s of caffeine in tea than coffee. This tea also has a great flavor and natural sweetness
2) 2 tablespoons coconut cream: this healthy saturated fat boosts brain function and satiates the body for hours.
3) 1/4 teaspoon ginger powder: antioxidantssssssss enough said
4) 1/4 teaspoon stevia: adds sweetness without a sugar crash
5) 1/4 Vietnamese cinnamon: adds sweetness, flavor, and immune boosting
6) a sprinkle of cayenne: to boost metabolic function
7) a sprinkle of pink Himalayan sea salt: adds a depth of flavor and trace minerals
8) 1 tablespoon of Moon Juice adaptogenic Spirit Dust (Giveaway Prize): This is truly the magic ingredient in the magic tonic. Its an uplifting blend of adaptogenic superherbs and supermushrooms that help combat the effects of stress to expand peaceful awareness and align you with bliss. You know we all need that!!


1) Brew the Yogi chai tea bag with water, fill your mug about 3/4 full with hot water, allow it to steep for 5 minutes
2) add in all the rest of the ingredients and stir until smooth and creamy

Truly enjoy loves

- July 15, 2017 -


Happy Saturday loves, I just wanted to share my latest recipe collab with Pop Sugar! I love seeing my recipes come to life in their amazing Glow series videos. I hope you enjoy this healthy play on an almond joy bar. These high nutrient density, low sugar treats are so healthy you can enjoy them for breakfast without a sugar crash!

Makes 10 bars
Cook time 30 minutes


Coconut bars
1 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut, flakes
1 cup unsweetened coconut, shredded
2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
1/2 cup coconut cream
1 pinch of salt

Chocolate dip layer
2 cups vegan semi sweet chocolate chips
1 tablespoons coconut oil
1 pinch of salt

30 almonds

Chocolate drizzle layer
1 teaspoon coconut oil

Coconut bars
1. add all coconut bar ingredients to a food processor and lightly pulse until combined (1 minute)
2. Pour coconut bar mixture into a wax paper lined 8×8 pan, put in the freezer for 10 minutes
3. Remove bars from freezer, cut into 10 bars,return bars to the freezer for 10 minutes while you prepare the chocolate sauce
Chocolate dip
1. Add chocolate dip ingredients to a medium bowl, microwave for 20 seconds, remove from microwave, stir, and repeat until chocolate dip is smooth (3 times)
2. Pour chocolate dip onto a medium plate and smooth with spatula until you have about a 1/2 inch thick layer of chocolate
3. Dip each bar into the chocolate sauce, remove from chocolate using a butter knife, gently place on wax paper lined cutting board or counter top
1. Dip each almond in the chocolate and stick it onto each bar, repeat till each bar has 3 almonds
Chocolate drizzle
1. Using a spatula scrape all of the left over chocolate dip into a medium bowl, add coconut oil to chocolate dip
2. Microwave chocolate and coconut oil for 20 seconds, stir until well combined
3. Drizzle chocolate over bars with a fork, chill in the fridge for 10 minutes before serving.
Tips and tricks
1. to make almond joys bars with really clean edges, use a knife to reform edges after you cut the bars
2. Coconut cream contains heart healthy saturated fats that help lower blood pressure and cholesterol
3. Add two dropper of liquid stevia to sweeten these bars (I don’t think they need it but it’s an option)

- July 7, 2017 -

Photos by @champagneunicorns wearing Varley L I N K

I was shocked by the overwhelming number of lean silhouettes that filled the streets of Paris on my recent trip to France. Do the French spend all day doing ballet and Pilates? No. Through a little investigation and observation I realized that all the French babes are walking! I decided to go full guinea pig detective to test this fitness regimen for you. This is simply a walking plan that mimics the “walking commute” lifestyle that most french ladies live. I stopped all of my other fitness faves (weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, spinning, and BBG) to test this plan for two weeks . So far, the French girl fitness plan has me feeling like a million bucks, I’m also down a few pounds, less important but pretty nice! This fitness plan assists in achieving a long lean body, if your looking for more muscle tone you can add a weight lifting regimen to this plan. I know this fitness regime sounds too easy to be effective but sometimes it’s the simple things that actually work! The physiological reasoning behind this fitness plan is all about LISS aka low intensity steady speed cardio. I learned about LISS from the fitness phenom behind the bikini body guide,Kayla Itsnes. Kayla taught me that LISS is great for fat and weight loss because walking burns the most fat per calorie compared to jogging and sprinting. This form of slower cardio also increases blood oxygenation, increasing metabolic rate. Beyond fat reduction walking can also improve digestion, sleep, and mood! I encourage you to try this plan for at least two weeks and see how it positively changes your life! I’d love to hear your feedback via comments on this post and on IG (@thetruespoon) This is just a fitness plan, the french girl diet plan (baguettes, wine for lunch, and cheese) doesn’t work for me so I’m not advocating that but I’ll post my personal nutrition plan soon!
How to get fit like a french girl

1. Start off mildly fasted: if you’re working out in the early AM like I try to do, only have water pre workout. If you work out later in the day try to wait at least 3 hours after a meal and try to reduce sugar pre workout.
2. Stretch: stretch for a least 5 minutes before you walk. You can do any of your favorite stretches but try to get your hamstrings, quads, back, and glutes decently loose. My favorites are down dog, pidgin, runners lunge, and toe touches
3. Walk: walk continuously for at least one hour! To get into that LISS mode you need to walk without stops. You’re going to want to walk at a fast clip, this will vary depending on stride length and fitness level. You also want some sort of incline to increase calorie burn. I suggest waking on a treadmill because you can control the speed and incline. I walk at a 3.5 per mile speed and a 6.5-7.5 incline but listen to your body and be safe when selecting settings. This should be mildly difficult especially at first, if you’re not breaking a sweat I’d get your booty moving faster.
4. Stretch again: repeat step 2
5. Smile: you just killed a french girl work out now go celebrate with a glass of wine

Yours truly,

- June 28, 2017 -

Happy Wednesday loves, on this edition of The True Spoon Travels, I’m finally sharing my photo diary from my recent trip to London and Paris as well as my tips to keep you healthy and happy along the way. Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences money can buy but it can be very difficult to keep up with a wellness lifestyle while abroad. Staying healthy and feeling good along the way is really pretty easy in these cities if you put a little time into self care. In addition to my tips I’ve added a few must sees and must Eats from my journey. Even though I’m giving you a list of musts I highly encourage picking a great idea and just exploring instead of referring to a travel guide for all of your experiences. I hope these travel tips keep you feeling amazing on the road.

Tips and tricks

1. Pre and post flight supplies: get your pre and post flight vitamins on lock to protect your immune system from all the travel bugs out there. Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Zinc, and Aloe are travel musts for me! If you’re in LA go to moon juice to get all the goods.
2. Don’t wear makeup on the plane: keep fresh faced with the addition of a hydrating oil while traveling so your pores don’t get clogged and your skin doesn’t get dehydrated. You want to show up looking glowy not clogged or smudged.
3. Wash your hands: I know this one sounds obvious but really and truly wash your hands like crazy, 20 seconds or longer anytime you’re touching communal things.
4. Hydrate: make sure to pack a reusable water bottle in Europe and make sure to bring it with you. Trust me you will be walking miles and miles and hopefully enjoying multiple alcoholic drinks so you need to drink copious amounts of water.
5. Fiber: This is one of my best travel tips! Make sure to get multiple servings of fibrous fresh fruits and veggies while your traveling. I am a huge advocate to indulging while traveling but you’ve gotta get the good stuff in in order to keep your GI system happy. No one wants to be constipated abroad.
6. Walk: I don’t think you can avoid this one but try to walk or take public transit to as many destinations as possible. Walking will help you metabolize all of those extra calories and leave you feeling light as a feather. Walking also improves digestion, fights jet lag, and aids in sleep.

Must dos/sees

1. Stay where the cool kids are staying: We stayed at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch and I couldn’t suggest it more! We loved the swanky yet casual vibe of the hotel and the young bustling neighborhood.
2. Find a juice bar: I found the loveliest juice bar attached to our hotel, called the East London Juice Co. This spot had every tonic, juice, smoothie, and bowl a wellness foodie could dream of. I went every single day in London to get a fresh ginger shot.
3. Take a liquid history tour: We absolutely loved the tour we took of six historic London pubs. The history was incredible and our tour guide Freddy was such a delight. Our favorite bars from the tour were The Cockpit and The Ship Tavern. The Cockpit was built in 1860 and originally served as cockfighting ring, it looks straight out of Harry Potter. The Ship Tavern was built in 1549 and offered up live jazz music, a full menu of gin cocktails in giant wine glasses, and the best honey roasted peanuts I’ve ever tasted. Link to the tour Liquid History Tour
4. Visit the London Bridge: Pretty sure Walt Disney based Cinderella’s castle after this gorgeous London landmark. We walked across the bridge, had tea on the Thames riverside patio of the London Bridge Hotel, and luxuriated in the beautiful view.
5. Eat Indian food: I agree with the general consensus that British food is kind of meh, the Indian food however is amazing. We loved our meal at Dishoom in Shoreditch, they have 3 London locations and they’re open for weekend brunch, lunch, and dinner.

1. Stay where the cool kids are staying: We stayed in the dreamiest apartment in Le Marais and I would stay there time and time again. We found our little apartment on air B and B and we were enamored by the mix of modern features mixed with classic haussmannian architecture Link to Air B and B Style & Luxury: Penthouse with Lift
2. Eat the bread: In France flour is considered a perishable item and is preservative free. Its illegal to feed cows anything besides grass, therefore all of the butter in pastries is grass fed. The food is so high quality you’ll still feel amazing even after your trip to the boulangerie. Go to any single bakery in Paris, they’re all amazing .
3. See the sights: The Eiffel tour and the Tuileries Garden are the ultimate must see’s in Paris! They are both beyond gorgeous and he perfect spots to have a french picnic.
4. Eat on the Seine: The food in Paris is beyond fantastic and absolutely everything you find will be delicious but my one pick is a charming little shipping container turned kitchen on the left bank of the river. Maison Maison is the most charming little restaurant with hip vibes, a flawless menu, and a perfect place to watch the sunset.

I hope these lists help you love these cities as much as we did while continuing to feel tip top. If anyone wants some travel companions Nate and I are ready to go back yesterday.

Yours truly,

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